I make an extra $400 a week by doing one surprising ‘side hustle’ – and I don’t have to leave the house

A busy mum has revealed the surprise side job that earns her an extra £400 a week and says she often watches TV or listens to music at the same time

The mother takes other people’s ironing baskets, takes them home, straightens them out and sends them back perfectly pressed.

She uses Airtasker to get her name out there – and to protect herself from people who don’t want to pay for her work.

Through a message on a popular budget group, the mother explained exactly how her side job works.

“I charge a maximum of 30 items per basket,” she said.

A mum has revealed she irons people’s clothes – by the basket – and earns $400 a week on top of her full-time salary

‘I start with Airtasker, but all my clients eventually continue with me privately.’

People were impressed by her tenacity – and some admitted they wouldn’t mind giving it a try for some extra cash.

Others revealed their own equally impressive – and easy side hustle.

“We deliver catalogs for a little extra, and to force us to exercise… I’m currently making an extra $160 a week, which isn’t huge, but I’m getting fitter and it pays the grocery bill,” said one employee in elderly care.

‘Try hospitality jobs, bars/pubs/restaurants. Pretty good flexible hours and wages are pretty good, $30 an hour,” said another.

“Check out Airtasker – if you have a service, dumpruns – I did 20k last year as my second job – plus a lot of dumpruns had decent stuff I sold like furniture and golf clubs,” said another.

Others said they do disability care and night shifts at the supermarket.