Columbia’s Hoth-ready Star Wars winterwear launches Dec. 1

If Luke had worn pieces of Columbia’s new line of Star Wars-inspired cold weather gearThen Han wouldn’t have had to cut that poor Tauntaun open. The clothing collection, also called the Skywalker Pilot Collection, will launch on December 1 and is modeled after the original X-Wing and Snowspeeder flight suits The empire strikes back.

Columbia has been working with Lucasfilm since 2016 and visited the Lucasfilm archives to gain inspiration for the new collection. Most of the Skywalker Pilot Collection not only pays tribute to the films, but could easily pass for screen-ready replicas of the original costumes seen in richalbeit much warmer.

The highlight of the collection is undoubtedly the $499.99 ski suit, which aims to duplicate the Snowspeeder flight suit from Episode Five, complete with its padded collar and functional storage pockets.

The pack also includes some fun Easter eggs, such as a rubber identification badge and Astromech repair diagrams hidden under one of the pockets.

Image: Colombia

While many of the items in this collection will be available at select Columbia Sportswear locations across the United States, the Pilot full body ski suit is an online exclusive product – with the exception of the limited edition versions of the ski suit, signed by Mark Hamill, available at select physical locations.

A close-up of Mark Hammill's signature on an orange Columbia jacket

Image: Colombia

In addition to the full-body Pilot Ski Suit, Columbia has also produced a heavyweight Pilot Jacket, which features many of the same fun details, but in a more compact form suitable for everyday use, and retails for $349.99. An aesthetically identical, but lighter version of the Pilot Jacket will also be available for $199.99.

In addition to zip-up jackets, the collection includes a few fleece sweaters, available in orange or white. Both versions have a kangaroo pocket with zipper and a chest pocket with Velcro. The white version of the hooded jersey features a small Snowspeeder scheme on the back, while the high-visibility orange version features an X-Wing blueprint.

And then there’s the headgear. Columbia produces a $299.99 set of snow goggles modeled after the Rebel pilot helmet with a color scheme that accentuates the elastic strap, with an interchangeable orange visor.

In addition to Columbia’s range of Hoth-ready clothing, you’ll find several all-weather options, including ball caps, crossbody bags, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts.