Collect Target gift cards with this 10% discount

Target is offering its Circle Club members 10% off everything Target gift cards just for one day. This promotion is valid through April 13 and is limited to a one-time purchase of up to $500 (which will get you up to $50 off). To get the deal, you’ll need to get one for free from Target Circle accountsgiving you access to an amazing range of exclusive discounts and promotions.

Target already has an excellent buy two, get one free sale on movies, games and books, but you’re free to spend your freshly minted gift card on whatever you want. You could even use the balance to purchase various gift cards, like the one for Microsoft or the Nintendo eShop.

If you’re planning to do your Mother’s Day shopping at Target (you still have four weeks to do that, by the way), or just want to treat yourself to 10% off something special, check out this deal. Even if you’re not, the balance on the gift cards never expires, so you can use them on a rainy day.