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Cody Simpson reveals how girlfriend Emma McKeon saved him from Hollywood misery as former pop star BACKFLIPS on swimming retirement decision

  • Cody Simpson has explained why he turned his back on Hollywood
  • Simpson, 26, was a successful musician and hung out with the superstars
  • He says swimming and Emma McKeon help him keep his balance

Cody Simpson has credited swimming and his girlfriend Emma McKeon with keeping him grounded as he revealed how he avoided ‘falling into it’ after his Hollywood fame.

Simpson, 26, rose to fame as a music star at a young age. The Australian worked with Justin Bieber and previously had a relationship with superstars such as Miley Cyrus.

But he left that glamorous lifestyle for his other passion: swimming. Simpson, who was a national champion as a teenager, has explained how the thought of swimming competitively again kept him from “getting into it” and experiencing the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of Hollywood.

‘I have changed 1000 percent. “I have changed, grown and evolved over the past three years in ways I didn’t think possible,” he told News Corp.

‘In my emotional maturity and stability, in my general health and my mental health and well-being. I feel happy because before, when I was abroad, the thought of swimming again – which remained in the back of my mind – always kept me from falling too deeply into a lifestyle that is not so good for me and that occurs frequently. in Hollywood, especially when you’re young and successful and everything is coming your way.

Cody Simpson has revealed how Emma McKeon and swimming saved him from misery

Simpson used to be a pop star, dated Miley Cyrus and was in contact with Hollywood's biggest names

Simpson used to be a pop star, dated Miley Cyrus and was in contact with Hollywood’s biggest names

‘For a second I was on the edge. You know, you’re in your late teens and you have this level of success, and that means you can have anything you want, anything you want, and it’s intoxicating.

‘But it’s not healthy and I’ve seen what can happen. Some people never escape it.

‘They never get away because you’ve had a crazy dose of dopamine and success is such a drug that it can really warp your perspective on reality if you experience it too young.

“I could have fallen in, but swimming was always there and my family was always there, and I think that was a big reason why I never fell like other less fortunate people.”

Simpson also said that his partner, fellow swimmer Emma McKeon, has had a huge influence on his stability and happiness.

“Emma plays a huge role in my life and has had a huge positive influence on me as she has kept me grounded since we met,” Simpson added.

“She’s a really calming presence, she’s really helped me, and she impresses me so much, she’s such a wonderful person.”

But he says he has now found

But he says he has now found “balance” since returning to Australia and meeting McKeon

“She just inspires me because I said to her (after Tokyo) that a lot of other people who have done what you have done would feel very differently about this,” he said. “Her humility is so impressive, and it makes me want to be more like her – more like her.”

Simpson returned to swimming three years ago, with the superstar aiming to compete for Australia at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

He indicated earlier this week that he would hang up his diving goggles after the summer games and posted on Instagram: ‘There are only eight months left in my swimming journey’.

However, he has since edited the message, writing: ‘There are still eight months in my preparation.

“To be clear, reports of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated,” Simpson added.

“Who the hell knows?”