‘Clumsy idiot’ Biden ripped for saying there would be ceasefire in Gaza on Monday while eating ice cream: President ‘surprised’ Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with sudden announcement as negotiators say they STILL aren’t in the be close to a deal

President Joe Biden sparked outrage Monday for making news about Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza while stopping for ice cream in New York City.

The president stopped by the ice cream parlor with host Seth Meyers after taping a special interview in the NBC studio.

Biden stood eating his ice cream cone and offering reporters a treat as they shouted questions Thursday about his planned trip to the southern border and his efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel.

“Well, I hope at the beginning of the weekend, I mean the end of the weekend,” Biden responded. “My national security adviser says we’re close, we’re not done yet. I hope we have a ceasefire next Monday.”

The sudden announcement by 81-year-old Biden ‘surprised’ Benjamin Netanyahu, while Qatar, the mediator in the ceasefire talks, said Israel and Hamas are not close to a possible deal.

US President Joe Biden speaks with host Seth Meyers as they enjoy ice cream

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press with Seth Meyers while they enjoy an ice cream

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press with Seth Meyers while they enjoy an ice cream

Biden’s announcement of the response prompted surprise from journalists, including CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“That’s a big announcement from the president to be made in an ice cream parlor,” he said wryly, after images of the president licking his ice cream cone and talking about the war in Gaza went viral online.

‘Biden announcing this while eating ice cream is the most intense sh*t I’ve seen in years’ wrote Politico reporter Ursula Perano on X, referring to the dark HBO political comedy.

“I still can’t believe they let Joe Biden explain the situation in Israel while eating an ice cream cone. There are still American hostages in Gaza. Just insane tone deafness,” says radio host Clay Travis wrote on X, share video of the moment.

‘Joe Biden looks like a bumbling idiot holding that thing’ agreed conservative communications expert Steve Guest.

Biden’s casual comments between licks of ice cream sparked anger among political figures and activists.

‘Joe Biden holds more press conferences in ice cream parlors than in the White House’ wrote Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) on X. “Watch his latest masterclass.”

Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) expressed shock at the president’s nonchalant attitude about eating ice cream while speaking dismissively about the crisis at the southern border.

“If your child is murdered by an illegal alien that Joe Biden lets into the country, he’s just going to go out for ice cream,” she says. wrote on X. “If your child is killed for letting the Taliban guard their perimeter, he will look at his watch. Don’t expect him to care.’

Others expressed frustration with Biden for going out for ice cream while American citizens and Israelis were still held hostage in Gaza.

‘Awful! Shows his deep feelings about hostages,’ wrote Chava, a self-described activist and “ardent Zionist” on X.

“Joe’s ice cream cone was clearly more important than Israel and the hostages. He didn’t even have the decency to put down the ice team cone. A villain,’ wrote Diana, another Biden critic.

US President Joe Biden speaks to reporters while getting ice cream in New York

US President Joe Biden speaks to reporters while getting ice cream in New York

Israeli officials expressed mild confusion about Biden’s newfound optimism at the ice cream parlor.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used to be ‘surprised’ by Biden’s comments, according to a senior Israeli political source who spoke to ABC News.

Another source described Hamas’ demands for a ceasefire as “still delusional.”

Critics of Biden’s support for Israel’s war in Gaza were also offended by the president’s tone-deaf approach.

“Shame on you, Mr. Biden, for talking about continued massacres and atrocities against innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza while eating ice cream… without even showing respect for the thousands who have died because of your complicity,” wrote Jalel Ouerghi, a PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, UK, on ​​X.

‘Disgraceful,’ wrote author and activist Peter Daou on X. ‘Biden talks about a ceasefire while holding an ice cream cone, as if it matters to him. Put the damn thing down and stop this damn genocide, like you could have done months ago.”

Others agreed.

“How many children in Gaza have no water to drink or food to eat because of the Biden administration-funded Israeli blockade?” asked Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, on X. “At least Joe has his ice cream.”

Biden’s love for ice cream is well documented, as he regularly stops at a local ice cream parlor during his campaign trip. His favorite ice cream is Graeter’s chocolate chip.