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Read the creepy texts top cardiologist Professor Chris Semsarian is accused of sending about getting coffee and lifts home to young employee he was mentoring

A world-renowned cardiologist bombarded his young female employee with thousands of text messages, repeatedly asked her for coffee, offered her a ride home and allegedly touched her buttocks, according to a sexual harassment claim.

Jennifer de Jongh, 28, also claimed that Professor Chris Semsarian, 57, showed up at her home unannounced, prompting her housemate to threaten to call the police.

Ms de Jongh, originally from New Zealand but living in Sydney at the time, filed the sexual harassment claim in the Federal Court on February 12.

She reported directly to Prof. Semsarian while working at the Centenary Institute from June 2022 to December of that year, where the pair exchanged between 3,000 and 4,000 texts.

During this time, Prof Semsarian, professor of medicine at the University of Sydney, cardiologist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and deputy director of the Centenary Institute, is accused of constantly asking Ms de Jongh for coffee and offering her lifts home .

Jennifer de Jongh, 28, alleged that Professor Chris Semsarian, 57, (pictured) sexually harassed her

He allegedly bombarded her with text messages using a love heart and laughing emojis, often sent after hours and late at night.

Professor Semsarian has denied the claims and said he would defend them “vigorously” in a legal defense to be filed. Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Over a six-month period, there were only seven days when Prof Semsarian and Ms de Jongh did not speak, according to Daily Mail Australia’s claim.

On her first day at the Centenary Institute, they had coffee before Prof. Semsarian offered her a ride home two days later.

She initially refused, but then accepted – something that would happen several more times.

The document submitted to the Federal Court contained numerous texts by Prof. Semsarian.

“Coffee and your company is the perfect start to the day,” he wrote in a July 2022 text.

Ms de Jongh filed a complaint of sexual harassment with the Federal Court in February

Ms de Jongh filed a complaint of sexual harassment with the Federal Court in February

In August he wrote: ‘I know it’s almost bedtime… but if you’re free, come to the clinic early (tomorrow) for a cup of coffee?’ “I don’t want to sound sad, but I won’t see you for the rest of the week (sad face emoji).”

‘You. To have. Made. Mine. Day. It will be so nice to see you. It seems like an eternity!! We’ll talk about a little pastry later,” he said in another post, before writing two days later: “I don’t want to sound too needy.”

Professor Semsarian told Ms de Jongh that “my life balance has been restored” after she returned to work one day in September.

One day in October, he called her “princess” when he asked what she wanted to order.

“You are the best Jen. I don’t know if you’re kidding, but I actually get excited when I go to sleep knowing we’re having coffee together – NOT with (another coworker),” he wrote that night.

‘I have separation anxiety overnight!!!!’

While Prof. Semsarian was away in November 2022, he texted her: “I don’t want to be presumptuous, but hope to have a cup of coffee with you on Thursday morning? And also a big hug?? I hope the clinic goes well…’

The photo shows some texts the couple has shared over the past six months

The photo shows some texts the couple has shared over the past six months

The professor bombarded Mrs. de Jongh with loving messages

The professor bombarded Mrs. de Jongh with loving messages

The cardiologist also insisted on taking Mrs De Jongh home, even though she often said she was going to walk or had not yet finished work.

‘First patient at 2 p.m., so come at 8 p.m.! I can not wait. And I definitely have to take you home!! No argument. It has been too long!!’ he said in another text from September.

‘It’s not just raining, it’s thundering!!! I have to take you all the way home!! I love God – always answers my prayers, and more!!” he said in a message a few days later.

In another post he wrote: ‘Oh Jen. I’m worried about you walking at night. I can be your personal Uber anytime!! Sweet dreams, beautiful ones! Bye’.

A text message conversation between the pair revealed that Ms de Jongh turned down an offer for a lift because she was meeting a friend, prompting Prof Semsarian to say he was ‘stunned’.

She eventually said he was able to drive her part of the way.

One night in October, Ms de Jongh met a friend in Bondi, where Prof Semsarian offered to drive her.

During the ride, he told her “no means no to everyone unless you tell me,” the statement of claim said.

“If I offer you food, you can’t say no. If I offer you a ride home, you can’t say no.’

He then claimed it was a joke and told her not to “get so uptight about it.”

He then asked if she had been sexually assaulted before, because “the way you reacted to something the other day gave him the impression that you might have been.”

The professor asked if Ms. de Jongh thought they had a connection and often asked her for coffee

The professor asked if Mrs. de Jongh thought they had a connection and often asked her for coffee

Prof. Semsarian also begged Mrs. de Jongh to have dinner with him occasionally as he drove her home, confiding that he and his wife did not do many things together.

In other posts, Prof Semsarian wrote: ‘Seriously, are we connected? It is scary!! It will be great to meet your mother.

‘Why do you think I ask you to make coffee the night before… so that I can go to sleep happy and wake up excited. I like your company. It’s so easy, so meaningful. So happy.

‘OK. Go ahead and get your beauty sleep, even if you don’t need it, and goodbye. Good night.’

He also once sent her a photo of his bed in his hotel room and on another occasion said he had “Jen shots.”

When Ms de Jongh was traveling to Tasmania with a friend, Prof. Semsarian asked where they both slept.

When she replied that they were sharing a bed, he said words along the lines of: ‘ooh, don’t give me naughty thoughts.’

In other texts he wrote: ‘I am completely sincere. I’m probably sharing too much with you, but it’s the truth. I miss you on the weekend.

‘Hi. I saw a doctor today and he diagnosed me with J-SAD!! Jen-related separation anxiety disorder!! The doctor said it is a chronic condition. I told the doctor I would be away for a week and the doctor suggested the only treatment was a drink/dinner with Jen before I left.”

Ms. de Jongh also claims that her manager touched her on the buttocks in October 2022 when she got into his car.

On another occasion, she claimed he looked at her chest and complimented her top.

He also bought her a $900 pair of Apple Airpod Max headphones, which Ms de Jongh repeatedly refused to accept.

In November 2022, Ms. de Jongh told Prof. Semsarian that she felt overwhelmed by the amount of text messages he sent and that she sometimes felt “uncomfortable” and wanted to keep their communication strictly work-related.

The professor texted her later that day that a “big storm” was coming and offered her a ride home, which she declined.

About a week later, Prof Semsarian texted Ms de Jongh’s mother to ask if she was okay as she had traveled to New Zealand and contracted Covid.

Prof.  Semsarian also repeatedly offered to drive the then 27-year-old home from work

Prof. Semsarian also repeatedly offered to drive the then 27-year-old home from work

At the end of November, Ms. de Jongh received a statement from her doctor stating that she would be incapacitated for work for the coming week due to ‘stress and anxiety arising from Professor Semsarian’s behavior’.

The professor then sent chocolates and fruits to her house. On December 5, 2022, Ms. de Jongh called him to say that she would resign.

Three days later, Professor Semsarian tried to call Ms de Jongh twice before appearing unannounced at her apartment and calling several times over the intercom.

She did not respond, but her roommate instead told Prof. Semsarian to stop coming to their house or she would call the police, according to the statement of claim.

Mrs. de Jongh blocked his number the next day and left for New Zealand. She currently lives in Norway.

The statement of claim stated that Prof. Semsarian’s behavior was “inappropriately affectionate” and occurred in a “manner that mimicked a romantic relationship.”

Ms de Jongh suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as a result of the relationship, it is alleged, and past and future medical expenses.

No investigation has been initiated by the Centenary Institute. The organization said it was filing a defense and was “unable to comment.”

It added that eliminating harassment in the workplace must be taken seriously.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Prof Semsarian for comment.