Channel 7 smashed over quality of AFL grand final as fans experience crashes and delays on footy’s biggest day: ‘7Plus is the North Melbourne of the streaming game’

Channel 7 has been flogged by footy fans during the AFL Grand Final, with viewers forced to endure crashes, delays and buffering on the broadcaster’s streaming service 7PLUS.

The broadcaster has exclusive rights to the decider between Brisbane Lions and the Collingwood Magpies at the MCG.

However, fans who choose to stream the game on the 7PLUS platform have reported crashes, lags and longer buffering periods, even with fast internet connections.

Footy fans have complained about the quality of Channel 7’s streaming service 7PLUS for the AFL Grand Final

“7plus is SO delayed,” one fan complained.

‘7Plus is the North Melbourne of the streaming game. What kind of nonsense is that guys?! I can’t load the biggest sporting event of the year on my phone,” wrote another.

“Want it’s 2023, I’m on a 250Mbps wired connection and the 7plus app is still so bad I can’t really see the ball.”

Some supporters have left the platform completely.

‘Okay 7plus, time for me to watch the game the way God intended. On the AFL score update page, a fed-up supporter posted.

Others pointed out that the 7PLUS platform worked fine, but only the AFL coverage crashed.

“It’s not like 7plus is offline because I can absolutely watch Million Dollar Listing,” one irate supporter wrote.

And many pointed out that this is not the first time that streaming platform Channel 7 has let them down, after its broadcast of the FIFA Women’s World Cup was also fraught with problems.

‘The @7plus site is so terrible. I couldn’t stream the World Cup and I can’t stream the grand final. Pathetic,” said one supporter.