CES 2024 updates: the most interesting news and gadgets from the big tech show

LAS VEGAS– CES 2024 kicks off this week in Las Vegas. The multi-day trade event, organized by the Consumer Technology Association, will feature many of the latest developments and gadgets in personal technology, transportation, healthcare, sustainability and more – with the growing use of artificial intelligence almost everywhere you look.

The Associated Press will keep a rolling report on everything we find interesting from the floor of CES, from the most exciting developments in vehicle technology to wearables designed to improve the accessibility of the latest smart home gadgets.


Busy families with dogs may want to look out for a new AI-powered robot that promises to play with your furry best friend, feed him, and even give him medicine.

Consumer robotics company Ogmen was at CES 2024 to show off its new ORo pet companion, an autonomous robot designed to assist with pet care by feeding your dog, dispensing medications, and even playing with your dog using an in his chest built-in ball thrower.


Consumer electronics giants LG and Samsung unveiled transparent TVs at the show, with LG just announcing that its OLED display will go on sale later this year.

Nearly invisible when turned off, LG's 77-inch transparent OLED screen can switch between transparent mode and a more traditional black background for regular TV mode.

“The unique thing about OLED is that it is an organic material that we can print on any type of surface,” explains David Park of LG's Home Entertainment Division.

“And so what we did is we printed it on a transparent piece of glass, and then to get the OLED image quality, we have that contrast film there that goes up and down.”

Content is delivered wirelessly to the screen using LG's Zero Connect Box, which transmits 4K images and sound.

Why would you need a transparent TV?

When not viewed as a traditional TV, the OLED T can be used as a digital canvas for the presentation of works of art, for example.

Samsung's transparent MICRO LED display showcased the technology as a concept.


Food companies advertise throughout the supermarket with eye-catching packaging and displays. Now Instacart is hoping they'll start advertising directly to your cart.

This week at CES, the San Francisco-based grocery delivery and technology company is unveiling a smart shopping cart that displays video ads on a screen near the handle. General Mills, Del Monte Foods and Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream are among the companies that will advertise on the carts during an upcoming pilot at West Coast stores owned by Good Food Holdings.

Instacart says a screen can advertise deals or show a limited-edition treat like Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios. It can also share real-time recommendations based on what customers put in the cart, such as advertising ice cream when a customer buys cones.

Instacart entered the cart business in 2021 when it bought Caper, which makes smart carts with cameras and sensors that automatically track items placed inside them. Instacart says it expects to have thousands of Caper Carts by the end of this year.