Cassowary – the world’s deadliest bird – tries to steal a woman’s lunch

Scary moment when a woman calmly scares away the world’s deadliest bird as it tries to steal her family’s lunch

  • Video shows cassowary stealing her family’s lunch
  • Viewers warned the Australian woman that it was the deadliest bird in the world

A woman having lunch with her family unknowingly fended off the world’s deadliest bird after it tried to steal their food.

Australian woman Jess was eating dinner on an outdoor picnic table with her mother and sister when a curious cassowary approached the party.

It began snatching food from the table as Jess desperately tried to protect a loaf of bread and the family’s plates from the hungry bird.

She managed to drive the cassowary away as it searched the nearby ground for leftover food.

But the bird soon turned his attention back to the family’s lunch and quickly grabbed the bread on the table.

A nosy cassowary tried to steal TikTok user Jess’s food along with her mother and sister’s while they were having lunch together

Jess managed to wrestle the bread out of the cassowary’s mouth before it left the group defeated.

‘Cassowary encounter. It tries to steal our lunch and almost succeeds!’ Jess wrote in the caption of the TikTok clip.

“Grateful it went for my mom and sister @Cass Crosby’s lunch, not mine.”

Viewers expressed concern that Jess didn’t seem to realize how dangerous the cassowary was while protecting her family’s lunch.

“Protecting lunch from what is considered the world’s most dangerous bird…” said one.

Another wrote: “Buy a lottery ticket. This is terrifying.’

“I was seeing if the cassowary was going to post them, just feed the dinosaur bird some lunch and be glad you didn’t get attacked,” a third commented.

“As an Aussie, how the hell did you (sic) not get attacked or something? I was in a car once and we were chased by a cassowary,” another added.

One user wrote, “Not that I’m an Aussie watching you protect your lunch from actually a dinosaur/the world’s most dangerous bird.”

Others wondered if Jess was a tourist based on her reaction to the bird.

Viewers expressed dismay that Jess didn't seem to realize she was trying to protect her food from the world's deadliest bird

Viewers expressed dismay that Jess didn’t seem to realize she was trying to protect her food from the world’s deadliest bird

It follows a terrifying encounter with a cassowary last August, when the flightless bird chased a group of rangers into the bush.

The rangers rode quad bikes as they conducted track inspections in Wuthathi Country on Queensland’s Northern Cape York Peninsula.

A territorial cassowary then began chasing them at full speed for several hundred yards.

Video showed the cassowary coming within a few feet of the quad as the vehicle sped off down the track.

The animal ducks under tree branches and runs at full speed and doesn’t seem to slow down the whole chase.

Area coordinator Sophie Halt later described it as a scene from the 1993 thriller film ‘Jurassic Park’.

Cassowaries are considered the deadliest bird in the world, despite their extremely shy nature

Cassowaries are considered the deadliest bird in the world, despite their extremely shy nature

Cassowaries are known as the most dangerous bird in the world, despite their generally reserved nature.

They are up to 1.8 meters high and weigh up to 70 kilograms and have dagger-like claws that can grow up to 10 cm long.

Cassowaries can deliver powerful kicks with their legs that can seriously maim or kill people and animals.

They are native to the northeastern parts of Australia.