Farce as ridiculous underground carpark blunder at St Kilda apartment complex results in 120 cars being trapped indefinitely

A maintenance problem in an underground parking garage has left more than a hundred residents of an apartment complex unable to leave or enter their cars, severely disrupting their lives.

A drainage problem at the car park driveway of the Fitzroy St apartment building in St Kilda in Melbourne’s south-east stopped angry residents from leaving the property on Monday.

The problem left about 120 cars stuck in the four-story parking garage.

The blockage was caused when a contractor tasked with fixing a drainage problem in the parking garage accidentally cut into the driveway’s concrete.

The cut left a gaping hole in the driveway, which is expected to take weeks to repair.

The area has now been cordoned off with a roadworks fence, various construction signs and barrier tape.

A contractor’s mistake in fixing a drainage problem at a Melbourne apartment complex (pictured) has left angry residents without access to their vehicles

Residents whose cars are not in the building are now faced with a parking nightmare, as some have to park their cars several miles away if they cannot find a spot outside the apartment complex.

Parking spaces in the area are also very expensive, which increases the inconvenience for residents.

Residents have complained that the building’s management has not told them when the problem will be resolved.

One resident, Steph Young, shared it 3AW radio host Jaqui Felgate said Wednesday that there was a lack of communication between building management and tenants about the issue.

“There has been no communication with any of the residents or owners regarding our cars physically being in the building,” Ms Young said.

‘We really don’t know how long it will take… the building manager kept referring us to the legal entity.’

Ms Young said residents are not eligible for a parking permit because the apartment complex was recently built.

The problem was caused after a contractor accident drilled a hole in the driveway (pictured) to fix a water drainage problem

The problem was caused after a contractor accident drilled a hole in the driveway (pictured) to fix a water drainage problem

Residents have been forced to use Ubers and rent cars to get to and from work.

Another tenant was fined $100 by Port Phillip Council after being forced to park on the street overnight.

Councilor Marcus Pearl said the council has been made aware of the incident and has expressed concerns about the issue.

He urged building management and contractors to arrange alternative parking for residents and tenants and said anyone fined should contact him directly to resolve the matter.

“We are now investigating and I would encourage anyone who has been fined to send that fine to my email address and we will look into investigating these claims as soon as possible,” Mr Pearl told 3AW.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the council for further comment.