Can Phantump be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Phantump, a trunk Pokémon from Kalos, can be found in the wild Pokémon Go. Yes, Phantump to be bright Pokémon Go Thanks for the 2023 report.

Phantump leg in Pokémon Go preview

You can see how shiny Phantump and Trevenant look thanks to the evolution TopAssistance2 on Reddit.

Phantump’s leg shines arguably one of the best, taking on a drab gray and red look – a perfect fit for this spirited Pokemon tree.

What is the shine rate for Phantump in Pokémon Go?

As per an old search through the website of the now defunct The Silph Road (via The Wayback Machine), the shine rate for Pokémon on a regular day is about one in 500. Phantump is not a confirmed Pokémon that “permaboost” (that is, it spawns rare and thus gets a boosted light rate).

What can I do to attract more shiny Pokémon?

Not much, unfortunately. It may be seen at random. Leg Pokémon catching rates are set by developer Niantic, and are typically only boosted during special events like Community Day or Safari Zone, or during legendary campaigns. There are no consumable items that boost Pokémon’s leg rates.

Where can I find a list of available shiny Pokémon?

LeekDuck saves List of currently available leg Pokémon. It’s a friendly visual guide that illustrates what all existing Pokémon have in common.

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