Cammeraygal High School, Sydney teacher Eric Wong jailed after filming up skirts of schoolgirls

Cammeraygal High School, Sydney teacher Eric Wong jailed after filming schoolgirls’ skirts

  • Man pleaded guilty to filming without permission
  • He was sentenced to six months behind bars

A former Sydney teacher who admitted using his authority to prey on girls he taught by covertly filming and photographing them in class has been sentenced to at least six months in prison.

Eric Wong, 29, pleaded guilty to two counts of filming someone’s genitals without consent.

His sentencing in May was postponed due to a report on the possibility of an autism spectrum disorder, which could have influenced his sentencing.

Physics teacher Eric Wong (pictured) faces up to five years behind bars if convicted next Wednesday

Lawyer Peter Givorshner told a local court that two leading doctors were in agreement.

“He needs treatment and he won’t get it in prison,” Givorshner said Wednesday.

Wong can receive treatment after he is released, magistrate Alexander Mijovich said.

He jailed Wong for at least six months with a total sentence of 14 months.

The court was convinced that imprisonment was the only appropriate punishment, with Mr Mijovich saying ‘the threshold has well and truly been crossed’.

“You have abused the trust and authority of several victims,” ​​he told Wong.

“These took place in the confines of a school, where the victims and families have the right to feel safe from predatory or other behaviour,” Mr Mijovich said.

While Wong may have autism with Asperger’s syndrome according to the medical reports, he was also described as having above average intelligence.

“You would have fully understood that this was completely inappropriate behaviour,” Mr Mijovich told Wong in Hornsby court.

The teacher violated his position of authority and trust by “brutal, predatory and opportunistic” hunting of girls he taught and photographing and filming their pelvic and chest areas under their school uniform.

Police found photos and videos taken by Wong of students.

Police found photos and videos taken by Wong of students.

A 16-year-old student, asked to stay behind after class to complete a survey, crashed into a smartboard at Cammeraygal High School on Sydney’s lower north shore, revealing a hidden phone strategically placed for filming.

Wong immediately leaned over to answer the phone, said he left it there for class, and then changed the subject when the girl questioned him.

Police later found 90 videos and 300 photos of uniformed students, including those taken on skirts and down shirts when they searched his home.

The files were found on two computers, which showed him “walking around randomly” through his class recording on his phone, focusing only on the girls.

He walks beside or behind them, and while supervising their school work, discreetly films their genitals under their school uniforms.

Some videos show him looking at the phone before moving it, which the magistrate said showed some degree of planning in his offense, which occurred over a period of time.

Wong will be eligible for parole in January 2024.

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