Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Splat tech will turn cheaters into pancakes

Combating cheats in Call of Duty must be a thankless task, akin to an endless game of Whac-A-Mole. But Team Ricochet – Activision’s in-house anti-cheat team for CoD games – seems determined to have some fun with it. The developers, who were most recently in the news for allowing cheaters to hallucinate imaginary players, have revealed this their latest anti-cheat measure for War zone Battle Royale, released in conjunction with Modern Warfare 3: They call it Splat.

Simply put: when you cheat War zone and are detected, Ricochet’s technology can “randomly and for fun” disable your parachute as you deploy, leaving you meeting an ignominious high-speed end before you’re even allowed to compete.

But what if a cheat is discovered somewhere in a match after he has safely reached the ground? “Well, Splat can also adjust the player’s speed, turning a bunny jump into a 10,000-foot fall, instantly knocking them out,” Team Ricochet explains. On the plus side, this should be very funny for everyone else in the match to watch.

Team Ricochet reassured legitimate players that there is no way for Splat to be activated for a player who has not been verified as cheating, even if it has been reported by other players.

Splat is actually not the most effective way to deal with a cheater, Team Ricochet admitted. Many of the techniques the team uses, called mitigations – such as imaginary player hallucinations, which distract cheaters and draw them away from the action – are designed to be undetectable to the cheater while still keeping them in the game. so that Team Ricochet can collect data about the promotion. them.

But Splat doesn’t do that. It effectively kicks verified cheaters out of the game in a way that publicly humiliates them in a slapstick manner, for no other reason than poetic justice. That’s fair enough. It is important to enjoy your work wherever possible.