Buy two games and get one free at Amazon and Target

2023 has delivered some great games so far, and you can save on some of them Goal And Amazon. Both retailers will give you a free game when you purchase two of equal or greater value for full price through June 18. This is a great opportunity to fill in your backlog with recent AAA releases such as Diablo 4, Resident Evil 4And Star Wars Jedi: Survivoror essential indie titles like spiritfarer And Cult of the Lamb. Be sure to add three items to your cart and you’ll see the prices drop at checkout.

Also included in this sale are some excellent board games. Whether you are looking for a solo experience, such as Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detectiveor a table-spanning epic like Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition, there are enough titles on sale to fill that empty space on your bookshelf.

Thankfully, there’s quite a bit of overlap in terms of what both Amazon and Target are offering during this sale. We’ve made some recommendations to fill your shopping carts.

Amazon buys two and gets one free video game deal

Amazon buys two and gets one on the table for free

Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Buy two get one free game offers

Buy two get one free tabletop offers