Burglars steal $30 million in cash from Los Angeles money storage facility, police say

LOS ANGELES — Thieves stole as much as $30 million in an Easter Sunday burglary of a Los Angeles cash warehouse in one of the largest cash heists in the city’s history, police said Wednesday.

The burglary occurred Sunday evening at an undisclosed facility in the Sylmar area of ​​the San Fernando Valley, which processes and stores cash from businesses across the region, LA Police Department Commander Elaine Morales told the Los Angeles Times.

The burglars managed to enter the building and the safe where the money was stored, Morales said.

The company’s operators, who were not identified by police, only discovered the massive theft when they opened the safe on Monday.

The Times said the burglary was one of the largest cash burglaries in Los Angeles history, and that the total also surpassed all armored car robberies in the city.

The theft comes nearly two years after as much as $100 million in jewelry and other valuables was stolen from a Brink’s big rig at a Southern California truck stop. The thieves were not caught.