Man tragically dies after being bitten by a brown snake in North Queensland

A man has died after a suspected eastern brown snake bite.

Paramedics rushed to a home in Deeragun, west of Townsville, about 3.30pm on Tuesday to help the North Queensland man.

He was taken to hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

It is understood the man was bitten by the deadly snake near the property and drove to the house to call emergency services.

A University of Melbourne study found that 23 of the 35 deaths recorded by the National Coronial Information Service between 2000 and 2016 were caused by brown snakes.

A North Queensland man died on Tuesday after a suspected bite from an eastern brown snake (pictured).

Most people who die from snakebites in Australia are men and are bitten in the warmer months of the year, the study found.

The eastern brown snake is a medium-sized snake with a slender to moderate build and a small head.

They are known to prefer woodlands, shrublands and savannah grasslands and are common in eastern and south-eastern Australia.

Eastern brown snakes are most active in the spring and fall.