Brittney Griner scores 19 points for the Phoenix Mercury in 90-81 win against the Minnesota Lynx

Brittney Griner shines as Phoenix Mercury earns their first win of the WNBA season with 19 points in 90-81 victory over Minnesota Lynx

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Britney Griner played in the Phoenix Mercury’s first win of the new WNBA season as the center, who spent 10 months in a Russian labor camp, scored 19 points in a 90-81 victory over the Minnesota Lynx.

The 32-year-old was four points off Phoenix’s leading scorer of the night — guard Diane Taurasi — on Thursday, but also scored eight rebounds and one assist.

Griner – a seven-time All-Star – continues to boost the league’s ratings six months after she returned to American soil following her imprisonment in Russia for possession of cannabis oil at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in February 2022.

Brittney Griner’s focus was razor sharp on Thursday as she handed Phoenix its first win of the year

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