British engineer, 53, dies after slipping on bathroom floor and crashing through glass door in Thailand

  • Gareth Wilson died after a freak accident at his home in Pattaya, Thailand
  • He slipped and fell through the glass door, sustaining serious injuries
  • His wife managed to call an ambulance, but he succumbed to his fatal injuries

A British aircraft engineer died this morning after allegedly falling through a sliding glass door in a freak accident in Thailand.

Gareth Wilson, 53, from Staines, Surrey, suffered fatal injuries at his home on a luxury residential estate in Pattaya, on Thailand’s southern coast.

The aircraft specialist reportedly lost his balance on the bathroom tiles and fell through the sliding glass door of the toilet.

Despite suffering fatal injuries as a result of the accident, he managed to stagger back to the bed as his panicked wife called an ambulance. However, he soon succumbed to his injuries.

Gareth’s devastated wife Lek Wilson today said she was in shock after the death.

Gareth Wilson (pictured, left) is said to have lost his balance on slippery bathroom tiles and crashed through a sliding glass toilet door

His wife Lek Wilson (pictured) said today she was in shock after the death

His wife Lek Wilson (pictured) said today she was in shock after the death

She said: ‘I’ve just spoken to the police. I can’t believe what happened, I’m in shock. Gareth was so strong and healthy. He was everything to me.’

Lt. Col. Surasing Sukmak of Huay Yai Police Station said officers received a report at 7:10 am.

Officers arrived at the single-storey house in the upmarket area to find Gareth’s family distraught over the accident.

The officer said today: ‘There were four people in the house when the incident occurred. They were the husband, the wife, their daughters.

‘The room where it happened was the husband and wife’s shared bedroom.

‘A security camera in the center of the house recorded a very loud sound of glass breaking around 6.30am.

‘The man’s wife ran away and told their daughter, who was staying in another room, to help her father who fell on the shards of the glass door.

‘The blood was concentrated in one spot. No suspicious items were found. We’re sure it was obvious he died by falling on the glass.

“The deceased was a large man so it would have been easy for a man of his size to break through the glass door.

'Gareth was so strong and healthy.  He was everything to me,” she said

‘Gareth was so strong and healthy. He was everything to me,” she said

“His family said he has a congenital heart defect.”

Investigators said there were no signs of fighting in the room. They waited until the family had calmed down before continuing the interrogations.

Meanwhile, Gareth’s body was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for a post-mortem examination.

The Brit is listed as a full-time basic engineer at PHI Aviation from Lafayette, Louisiana.

He was also a disabled golfer, with a national ranking of 1,297 in Thailand.

MailOnline has contacted the British Foreign Office for comment.