Brazilian musician Michael Messias, 43, claims Hezbollah offered him more than $100,000 to kill Jewish targets when he visited Lebanon for a performance

A musician arrested by Brazilian authorities now claims Hezbollah offered him $100,000 to carry out murders.

Messias told investigators that Adbulmajid asked him if he had ever committed murder and if he would be willing to kill anyone, both of which he denied.

1701211196 769 Brazilian musician Michael Messias 43 claims Hezbollah offered him more

1701211197 162 Brazilian musician Michael Messias 43 claims Hezbollah offered him more

Federal police allege that Abdulmajid’s wife operates two tobacco shops in Belo Horizonte, but that he is the owner of both businesses. Authorities allege he began smuggling products in 2021 and the profits funded terror activities.

Evidence from Brazilian police shows that Abdulmajid was a member of Hezbollah’s paramilitary wing.

A deleted photo posted to his social media network in 2016 showed him dressed in military gear as he fought in the Syrian civil war in 2016. Hezbollah supported the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Brazilian authorities have arrested two other men allegedly recruited by Abdulmajid to carry out attacks. Both suspects had no religious or ideological ties to Hezbollah.

‘The fact that there are recent migration data of all those named to Lebanon, in connection with the evidence of a lack of financial conditions and criminal records of the native Brazilians, confirms the statement that we are dealing with a possible phase of recruitment of Brazilians for illegal activities. , even if there are terrorist objectives,” the police report said.