Brandon Staley ‘will be fired as LA Chargers head coach at the end of the season barring a MIRACLE’ amid dismal season and with defense the worst ranked in the NFL

  • Los Angeles has a 4-7 record and their defense ranks last in the entire NFL
  • The team has only appeared in one playoff game during Staley’s tenure in LA
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According to reports, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley will be fired at the end of the season.

The Chargers’ miserable season continued on Sunday, as the Baltimore Ravens handed their third straight loss, extending their losing record to 4-7 and ramping up the pressure on Staley.

And according to Jordan Schultz of Bleacher ReportUnless something miraculous happens between now and the end of the campaign, he will be removed from office.

β€œBrandon Staley, barring a miracle, is out with the Los Angeles Chargers,” Schultz said emphatically.

“And the reason is they haven’t had sustained regular season success, they’ve only played one playoff game in over three years, there was a catastrophic loss to the Jaguars, their defense has consistently been in the bottom half or in this case, this season he ranks fifth in every major, including total defense, which ranks last.”

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley will be fired ‘barring a miracle’

The Chargers have a 4-7 record and their defense currently ranks last in the NFL

The Chargers have a 4-7 record and their defense currently ranks last in the NFL

Staley recently became defensive when reporters pressed his performance.

β€œI have complete confidence,” Staley said after the recent 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers. “As I have told you from the beginning, I have full confidence in the way we are playing.”

‘Fully confident in myself as a playcaller, in the way we teach and the way we make plans. I have complete confidence in that. We need to bring this group together and do it consistently. …And that’s what it’s all about.”

So far this season, Josh McDaniels has already been fired by the Las Vegas Raiders and Frank Reich was recently fired by the Carolina Panthers, leaving two potential openings.

A recent report also stated that there are expected to be seven to 10 coaching changes this season and even before this report, Staley’s seat seemed to be getting warmer on a weekly basis.

During his first season with the Chargers, Staley’s tenure started promisingly before the team lost three of its last four games and limped to a 9-8 record.

Josh McDaniels


Josh McDaniels (left) and Frank Reich (right) have already been fired from head coaching positions

In his second season, Staley led the Chargers to a 10–7 record and a playoff appearance after the team won four straight games following a dismal 6–6 start to the year.

However, the good atmosphere of the loan playoff game was short-lived after the Jacksonville Jaguars came back from a 27-7 halftime score to win the Wild Card game 31-30 on a game-winning field goal.

Whatever bad atmosphere was left in the Chargers building after that heartbreaking playoff loss has seemingly carried over to this year, as their record sits at 4-7.

The team’s inability to perform in close games is also notable, as the Chargers have a 2-5 record in games decided by eight points or less.