Bras are out of fashion – but what happens to your breasts when you stop wearing one?

The decline of bras in recent years, driven by movements like ‘Free the Nipple’ in 2012 and the shift to remote working during the pandemic, is clear.

Although bras are designed to support and accentuate the breasts, discomfort – especially with underwire or a poor fit – is a common problem.

It’s no surprise that a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Florence Pugh and Gillian Anderson, are embracing the no-bra movement and putting comfort above social norms.

The 54-year-old Crown actress even stated: ‘I don’t care if my breasts reach my navel. I don’t wear a bra, it’s just too uncomfortable.’

However, London-based GP and advanced esthetician Dr Chandi Rajanai told FEMAIL that it is essential to weigh short-term relief against the potential long-term effects on breast health.

Gillian Anderson attends the 2023 Fashion Awards presented by Pandora at the Royal Albert Hall on December 4, 2023

Dr. Rajanai, who specializes in women’s health and wellness, explained that the effects of going braless can vary widely, but it can help people who find traditional bras uncomfortable.

‘The consequences of not wearing a bra vary from person to person, depending on factors such as breast size, tissue elasticity and individual comfort.

‘Wearing a bra without it can lead to greater comfort for some people, as bras can sometimes cause discomfort, irritation or pressure on the shoulders and ribcage.

‘Additionally, not wearing a bra can promote better circulation and ventilation, reducing the risk of skin problems.’

Nevertheless, Dr. Rajanai emphasizes that the potential impact of wearing a bra on the shape and sagging of the breasts is a common problem.

‘Although there is limited scientific evidence linking bra use to breast sagging, some claim that the natural support of bras can help keep breasts firm in the long term.

‘Going braless can result in greater movement of the breasts, potentially stretching supporting ligaments and tissues.

‘Yet others claim that the muscles under the breasts can become stronger if you are less dependent on bras.’

Florence Pugh arrives at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 22/23 fashion show on July 8, 2022 in Rome, Italy

Florence Pugh arrives at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 22/23 fashion show on July 8, 2022 in Rome, Italy

The GP concluded by saying that there is no definitive right or wrong, and that the decision is ultimately a personal one.

‘Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wear a bra comes down to personal comfort, lifestyle and individual preferences.

‘It is essential to find a balance that promotes both physical and emotional well-being.’

In 2012, the topic became political when it was revealed that Facebook and Instagram were censoring female nipples, but not male ones.

A number of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, entered with their own topless photos, braless marches took place and Never Fully Dressed sold a ‘boob tee’ worn by Kendall Jenner, raising £50,000 for mental health charity Mind.

However, it was the lockdown that pushed more of us to embrace a braless lifestyle, while working from home introduced a new trend dressed-up aesthetic that extended to our underwear.

A 2021 YouGov survey found that a third of British women stopped wearing bras during the lockdown months, while researchers from the University of Portsmouth and St Mary’s University reported that bra wearing fell by 70 percent during the lockdown, with a quarter of women saying they had not. intention to go back.

In October 2020, lingerie retailer Bravissimo reported a 30 percent drop in sales, while in the US bra sales fell 9 percent in the same year.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, the hashtag #NoBra has been viewed 399.4 million times and #NoBraClub has been viewed 102 million times – and those numbers continue to grow.

The no-bra movement has resurfaced regularly since the 1960s.

Kim Kardashian promoted her £64 'nipple bra', with built-in foam nipples, on Instagram

Kim Kardashian promoted her £64 ‘nipple bra’, with built-in foam nipples, on Instagram

The SKIMS £64 Ultimate Bra was available in six skin tones including Sand (pictured)

The color Sienna is a favorite of Kim, who wears it often

SKIMS’ £64 Ultimate Bra, released in October 2023, was available in six skin tones

In July 2022, Florence Pugh hit back at cruel trolls who criticized her for going braless in a sheer Valentino dress, questioning how her ‘nipples’ could ‘offend’ people – especially men.

She wrote in an impassioned post on Instagram: ‘What’s interesting to watch and see is how easy it is for men to completely destroy a woman’s body, publicly and proudly, for all to see.

“So many of you wanted to aggressively let me know how disappointed you were by my ‘small tits,’ or how I should be ashamed of myself for being so ‘flat chested.’

‘I have lived in my body for a long time. I am fully aware of my breast size and am not afraid of it.’

The Don’t Worry Darling star started her post by telling fans that she knew the dress would provoke a backlash, but that she was “excited” to wear it.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian embraced the trend by launching a £64 ‘nipple bra’ last October, with built-in foam nipples – and it sold out instantly.

‘I’m introducing a brand new bra with a built-in nipple. So no matter how hot it is, you always look cold. Some days are difficult. But these nipples are harder. And unlike icebergs, these aren’t going anywhere,” she explained on Instagram.

Available in six skin tones, the Ultimate Bra is made from soft microfiber material, with first-of-its-kind tapered foam pads for “sexy, natural-looking lift and support.”

The push-up bra also features flowing wings and a soft, hidden underwire for a comfortable fit.

That’s why the SKIMS Ultimate Bra is designed to give the feel and look of going braless, while maintaining support and lift.