Biden’s approval rating at a dire 39% as he plans another attack on MAGA Republicans

Biden’s approval rating of an abysmal 39% and concerns about the economy reach new highs as he plans ANOTHER attack on ‘MAGA Republicans’ who he says want to get rid of food stamps and reduce care for veterans

  • Biden approval rating of 39% in Reuters poll, with voters citing economics
  • And a CNBC poll found that a record 69% have a negative view of the economy
  • Biden goes on the offensive Wednesday as he attempts to negotiate a debt deal

President Joe Biden will launch another attack on MAGA Republicans on Wednesday as he struggles to negotiate a debt deal with Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

His broad side comes as his approval rating hit an abysmal 39%, with voters worried about the economy and McCarthy demanding cuts to raise the country’s borrowing limit.

Biden will travel to a union training center in Accokeek, Maryland, about 30 minutes outside of Washington DC, to criticize Republicans for wanting to cut food stamps and scrap veterans’ care.

He will deliver his pitch in an environment designed to emphasize his middle-class roots and contrast with speaker McCarthy, who took to the New York Stock Exchange to propose raising the debt ceiling for a year in exchange for the freeze of last year’s expenses. levels and numerous restrictions on social programs.

Biden on Tuesday panned McCarthy’s bid for “huge cuts for Americans,” saying McCarthy “is in danger of becoming the first speaker to default on our national debt unless he gets what he wants.”

He will continue those attacks in his remarks on Wednesday.

The president will “highlight the impact of Speaker McCarthy’s and extreme MAGA House Republicans’ threats of 22% cuts — on veterans’ health care, child care and opioid treatment,” a White House official said.

“And he will explain how House Republicans are trying to take away food aid and health care from millions of Americans and repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, sending production abroad.”

Biden’s latest attack comes as a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows his approval rating at a worrying 39%. It is approaching its lowest ever approval rating of 36%.

Voters cited the economy as the biggest problem facing the country and their concerns about it in their disapproval of the president. Food prices remain high and gas prices are rising again.

Equally troubling for the president, a CNBC All-America Economic Survey found that a record 69% of the public has a negative view of the economy, both now and in the future.

And the president is to blame.

Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy by 62%, the CNBC poll found.

President Joe Biden will go on the offensive against Speaker Kevin McCarthy

President Joe Biden will go on the offensive against Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Biden has said he plans to run for re-election next year, but has not formally announced his campaign bid. He is not expected to face serious competition for the nomination.

But before then, he will face a lengthy debate over the debt ceiling. The national debt now stands at $31 trillion and is expected to be breached in July if not increased.

Without an increase, the US government would not be able to pay off its debts, likely causing global economic problems. America has never defaulted on its debts.

Congress needs to raise the debt limit. And Speaker McCarthy had made it clear that Republicans who control the House of Representatives will not raise it unconditionally.

In his speech at the New York Stock Exchange, McCarthy called the country’s debt burden a “ticking time bomb” and said Biden is “missing in action.”

The speaker’s proposal to raise the debt limit for one year would bring it back to prominence during the 2024 presidential election.

In addition to freezing government spending, it would require stricter work requirements for social programs and includes many regulatory rollbacks.

His plan would be dead upon arrival in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants spending frozen in exchange for an increase in the debt limit

Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants spending frozen in exchange for an increase in the debt limit

Biden will outline his own plan on Wednesday to lower the debt limit, including tax increases for the wealthy.

The president will outline his plan to reduce the deficit by nearly $3 trillion over 10 years by asking the super-rich and big corporations to pay their fair share and cutting lavish spending on special interest groups like Big Pharma and Big Pharma. Oil,” said a white man. House official said.