Biden tears into Republicans and Ron DeSantis for ‘banning books’

Biden rips on Republicans and Ron DeSantis for ‘banning books’ — saying there’s no such thing as someone else’s child’

  • Biden celebrated teachers at a Rose Garden event at the White House on Monday
  • He lashed out at conservatives who took books from school
  • He said he never expected to face elected officials ‘banning books’

President Joe Biden on Monday lashed out at hardline Republicans like Gov. Ron DeSantis, accusing them of banning books and hindering the education of children.

Books have become a battleground in the country’s culture wars, as fringe conservatives scour library shelves for titles they deem offensive.

“As a history student, I never imagined I would be a president fighting elected officials who tried to ban and ban books,” Biden said at an event at the White House to honor teachers.

“Empty shelves don’t help kids learn much. And I’ve never met a parent who wants a politician to dictate what their child can learn, what they can think and who they can be.’

The event was held to celebrate each state’s 2023 Teachers of the Year from the Council of Chief State School Officers.

President Joe Biden lashed out at hardline Republicans, saying he never expected to fight elected officials who wanted to ban books they didn’t like

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put himself at the forefront of the country's culture wars

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put himself at the forefront of the country’s culture wars

Tulsa, Oklahoma, math teacher Rebecka Peterson was named General Teacher of the Year.

Biden used the ceremony to call on parents and teachers to stand up against “politicians who try to score political points by banning books.”

It’s because conservatives have turned their attention to education.

DeSantis faced backlash after Florida passed a law last year requiring teachers to remove books that aren’t on a state-approved reading list until they’ve been reviewed by a staff member with a media specialist certificate.

Books received include Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and the picture book ‘Dim Sum for Everyone!’ from Grace Lin.

Critics see the law as part of an effort to limit discussion of difficult questions around race and sexuality in public schools.

Last year, the American Library Association said there had been a record number of attempts to ban books. It documented 1,269 demands to censor library books or resources, the most since it began collecting data.

Of these, more than half focused on books and materials in school libraries, classroom libraries, or school curricula.

In his speech, Biden spoke about the challenges of the modern teacher, including gun violence.

“Teaching should not be a life-threatening profession,” he said in reference to the non-stop deadly school shootings.

“And teachers shouldn’t have to be armed to feel safe in the classroom.”

Instead, Biden picked up on something Peterson herself touched on in her acceptance speech.

“They cling to the lessons she taught them. Not just about integrals and derivatives, but about community connections about how we all belong,” he said.

Rebecca expressed a teacher’s creed when she said there is no such thing as someone else’s child. No such thing as someone else’s child.

“The children of our country are all our children.

“As I often say, your teachers hold the reins that take our national ambitions to the next level.”