Biden is BEHIND Trump in key swing states

Trump LEADS Biden into swing states that will decide 2024 election: New poll spells disaster for president, with third-party candidate Cornell West snatching the votes he needs to win

  • Amid doubts over the aging president’s fitness for office, the former commander-in-chief has taken the lead in battlefield states.
  • Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden, who won states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia in 2020.
  • Biden racked up swing state victories to go ahead and win 270 Electoral College votes

Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in key swing states leading up to the 2024 presidential election, according to a new poll, amid renewed doubts about the incumbent’s suitability for office.

The voter survey conducted by Echelon Insights found that 48 percent of voters in the swing state would support the 77-year-old real estate mogul in next year’s vote.

Pollsters, who interviewed 1,020 voters for the survey, said only 41 percent would support Biden over the former president.

Cornel West, a left-leaning academic who declared his intention to run for the White House, is currently polling 3 percent, according to the same poll, peeling potential Democratic votes away from the current commander in chief.

West says he will guarantee good wages and education for all, while ending poverty across America.

Third-party candidates could be potential spoilers in the US presidential election, such as Green Party leader Jill Stein, who ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

New doubts have been raised about Biden’s fitness for office after a series of high-profile oversights

Trump lost key swing states in 2020 to Biden, who handed the win to the Democrat

Trump lost key swing states in 2020 to Biden, who handed the win to the Democrat

Biden has made a number of high-profile blunders in recent months that have raised new questions about whether he can serve a second term.

The 80-year-old launched a bizarre attack on NATO ally Britain by claiming his recent visit to the island of Ireland was to make sure ‘the British didn’t mess around’ over the Good Friday peace deal that largely ended years of sectarian fighting. in Northern Ireland.

He also ended a gun control speech by proclaiming “God save the Queen, man,” an incredible nine months after the late British monarch’s death.

The president managed to win the 2020 election after flipping the major swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Getting those votes could be the key to winning the White House.

When Americans vote in elections, they technically choose the number of election officials who will then participate in what is known as the Electoral College.

In choosing the head of state, they will act according to the instructions of their constituents.

The number form of each state roughly corresponds to its population.

Cornel West says he is running for the leftist People's Party, promising to end

Cornel West says he is running for the leftist People’s Party, promising to end “poverty, mass incarceration” while ensuring “housing, healthcare, education and a living wage for all.”

California has the most voters – 54 – while Alaska has just three 538 voters in total.

Each voter represents one electoral vote, and a candidate must receive a majority of the vote — 270 or more — to win the presidency.

But in a head-to-head national poll, Echelon found Biden ahead of Trump by just 45 percent to 44 percent.

Echelon Insights research found that 60 percent of likely Democratic voters said they would “definitely” or “probably” support Biden in a Democratic presidential primary.

Another 33 percent responded that they would choose to support another Democratic candidate, while 7 percent said they weren’t sure.

The Echelon Insights survey was conducted with 1,020 likely voters between June 26 and June 29, with a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percentage points.