Beyond Spotify: Exploring Unique Music Streaming Alternatives

A lot of replacements for Spotify are available in the market. These alternatives have different types of features and artists. If you are looking for the best Spotify alternative, you are at the right place; this article will provide you with a list of the best platforms for streaming music or podcasts. You can access these music streaming services on multiple platforms. However, a couple of them might not be accessible in every region of the world.

According to ExpressVPN, you may get confused between so many options available in the market, but the one thing you must consider is their privacy and data collection policy. These are different according to different platforms, but checking these must be one of your top priorities before choosing a music platform.

Top Spotify Alternatives

1.   Apple Music 

Apple Music is the first alternative to Spotify that we will discuss.

What we like about Apple Music

  • Apple Music connects to all Apple devices pretty thoroughly.
  • It has Spatial audio support
  • Next, it comes with Live radio options

What we don’t like about Apple Music

  • Apple Music doesn’t offer any free plan option
  • It further has a couple of restrictions regarding listening to music offline.

Many have been canceling their Spotify accounts due to the recent increase in monthly prices and are switching to alternatives, as Daily Mail revealed. Apple Music is an obvious alternative for Apple device owners. Even though it has no free plan, users can try out its extended trial period. Apple Music has approximately 90 million songs and thousands of playlists. It further offers customized options once it determines your music taste. Apart from that, podcasts are additionally competently provided by Apple Music. Spatial audio support for Apple devices further indicates that it will sound excellent.

Apple Music is undoubtedly the best-designed alternative to Spotify. However, it has a few strange limitations regarding listening to music offline.

2.   Amazon Music Unlimited

What we like about Amazon Music Unlimited

  • It offers free trials
  • It has Spatial audio support
  • It also features a couple of ultra-HD quality tracks

What we don’t like about Amazon Music Unlimited

  • It does not have as many tracks as its rivals

As the name of this Spotify alternative suggests, Amazon Music Unlimited has unlimited access to approximately 75 million songs. It also has no restrictions when listening offline.

In addition, it also offers millions of podcast episodes with a large number of options. It has a user-friendly search option to make searching easy and ultra-HD quality tracks available. Amazon Music Unlimited offered discounted subscription plans for Amazon Prime members, making it attractive for those already associated with its ecosystem. It also has an outstanding integration with Echo devices.

3.   YouTube Music

What we like about YouTube Music

  • YouTube Music is very user-friendly
  • It also has savvy algorithms

What we don’t like about YouTube Music

  • It offers limited high-quality music

YouTube Music allows users to try its free trial, always welcoming novices. After users get subscribed, it provides a couple of smart algorithms in order to make sure that their playlist suggestions are according to their taste.

YouTube Music offers user-friendly applications. It also allows people to upload up to 100,000 tracks of their choice so that they can keep everything in the same place, including support for high-fidelity songs. Still, it is restricted when compared with other online options.

4.   Bandcamp

What we like about Bandcamp

  • It has a lot of new tracks that you won’t have heard previously
  • It assists and supports independent artists

What we like about Bandcamp

  • The interface might be distinct

Bandcamp is the perfect platform for you if you are a music fan who likes to hear new artists ahead of everybody. Its social points are independent artists, that’s why you might not see the names of prominent artists here. Bandcamp is a platform with a premium amalgamation of something else. However, it provides those artists who are less famous, and you can check it out without paying a single penny.

You can also get an album with pre-orders readily organized. It also offers live concerts. Even though it has a pretty good-looking interface, it is more challenging to use than other rivals.

5.   SoundCloud

What we like about SoundCloud

  • It has millions of tracks and podcasts.
  • It allows you to make your own remixes.

What we don’t like about SoundCloud

  • It doesn’t offer any free plan.

SoundCloud provides the greatest hits of multiple worlds, having over 265 million tracks and podcasts. You can also find a couple of forthcoming independent artists together with famous people who have been inaugurated there. Similar to Bandcamp, this is an ideal option for those people looking for the next big hits, however, with an amusing turn.

People who subscribe to its Go+ plan will be able to entitle several tracks over each other and make remixes. Apart from that, SoundCloud offers more conventional features, including smart suggestions, high-quality audio and unlimited downloads.

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