Beloved sports anime Haikyu!! is finally back with a new movie

The Karasuno boys volleyball team does Finally back in action – but instead of a new season of beloved sports anime Haikyu!!we get a movie that highlights one of the most anticipated manga moments: the legendary Dumpster Battle.

The show follows the feisty Hinata, who like many other sports anime protagonists is determined to become the best volleyball player. He joins his high school team, but discovers that he must team up with his high school rival Kageyama. Haikyu!! takes sports anime conventions and really dives into them, highlighting some of the more complicated emotions about winning, losing, and everything in between.

The final stages of the show saw the Karasuno team at the National Championships, against some of the best teams they have ever faced. The film picks up where the most recent season left off, as the team faces their highest-stakes match yet.

The Karasuno team takes on rival school Nekoma. The two teams enjoy some friendly competition, and the Nekoma characters are some of the series’ most beloved. Matches between the two teams are often called ‘Dumpster Battles’ because their respective mascots (crows and cats) are animals found in garbage dumps.

The most recent season of Haikyu!! was released in early 2020 and concluded the second half late in the year. So it’s been about four years since we last saw the Karasuno boys volleyball team. Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer, as the film hits North American theaters on May 31.

All four seasons of Haikyu!! are available to stream on Crunchyroll.