Beard brothers! James Harden fan dons a hilarious costume at Madison Square Garden to imitate the new Clippers star as he makes his debut against the Knicks

  • Harden played for the Los Angeles Clippers for the first time this season
  • He was welcomed by a fan who imitated Harden’s signature beard
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James Harden stepped onto the court at Madison Square Garden – a familiar spot for him after playing across the river from Manhattan with the rival Brooklyn Nets.

Harden, now with the Los Angeles Clippers, was playing in his first game with his new team – the fifth of his career.

Just before he took the floor for the first time as a starter, he looked at a fan wearing a fake beard similar to Harden’s.

Once he got into the game, Harden showed how happy he was with his new team.

The former MVP dished out nice passes for assists and knocked down his first shot as a Clipper with a step back.

A fan wore a fake beard during James Harden’s debut with the Los Angeles Clippers

Harden will play his first game with the California-based team after being traded from Philadelphia

Harden will play his first game with the California-based team after being traded from Philadelphia

Harden was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Clippers last week in a deal involving multiple players and draft picks.

During his introductory press conference, Harden said he intended to retire from the Sixers, but felt the team’s leadership was not interested in keeping him.

“I mean, the front office had other plans. You know, they didn’t know that, they didn’t want me,” Harden said.

“And it’s that simple, so – and it’s more detailed, more, you know, that I can’t talk about.

“But there are a lot of stories, and I don’t have social media, but there are a lot of stories, and people are talking, people think they have an opinion or a voice, and other people are listening. But none of that is true.

‘I’m not the type to go back and forth or explain myself, because you always take something out of what I say and turn it into a different story.

“So long story short, I’m glad I’m here.” I’m happy that I can show how good individually and how good this team can be. And it will be so.’