Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy threatens to ‘clean out’ the company’s New York office, as he rages at employees for ‘f*****g my s**t up’

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy has threatened to get rid of the company’s New York City office after accusing three employees of leaking the link to a livestream that he decided to end.

While the company’s Chris Klemmer began a 100-hour solitary confinement challenge earlier this week, Portnoy decided the event’s broadcast was too boring and shut it down.

However, a link to the video feed of Klemmer – who was still in solitary confinement – ​​was allegedly leaked and Portnoy was furious.

“Maybe I’ll clean out the whole New York office,” Portnoy said Thursday on X. “It’s one thing not to produce s**t. It’s another thing to mess up my s**t.’

In a separate post, Portnoy named Kelly Keegs, Jack “Kenjac” Kennedy and Gia Mariano as guilty.

Dave Portnoy was seen scolding his employees over an alleged leak of a live stream

Kelly Keegs

Kelly Keegs was recently called “brain dead” by Portnoy and taken off Barstool Radio

Warning: graphic language

“Here is my reaction when I found out that the triumphant of Kelly Keegs, Kenjac and Gia had managed to leak an active link of Klemmer to the public last night,” he captioned one video. “It’s safe to say I wasn’t happy.”

In the clip, Portnoy was seen angrily shouting down the phone at an unknown recipient before berating Keegs, Kennedy and Mariano one by one.

‘What the hell are you doing? Wake the fuck up,” Portnoy was heard shouting in the clip.

‘Who turned on the TV? Why? What the hell are you doing in that office? Just hanging out, playing with a bowling ball, watching? You are there to work and create content. Wake the fuck up.”

Portnoy canceled Barstool Radio because they refused to repeat the infighting between the companies

Portnoy canceled Barstool Radio because they refused to repeat the infighting between the companies

On X, Mariano called herself a “complete dumba**” but denied deliberately leaking the stream.

The drama comes after Keegs was pulled from her radio show and labeled “brain dead” by Portnoy.

“These two are perhaps the most tone-deaf, brain-dead, idiotic…,” Portnoy said of Keegs and Barstool Radio co-host Francis Ellis. ‘Francis and Kelly are the wrong people. Get back to blogging.”

Portnoy replaced the pair with a new show featuring Barstool personalities Kirk Minihane, Ryan Whitney and himself.