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The popular iced coffee brand loved by tradies and sold at servos across Australia is AXED

  • Barista Bros drinks have been discontinued
  • Beverage production ceased in May
  • No plans for a ‘direct replacement’

A popular iced coffee drink, beloved by Aussie traditions, has been scrapped from supermarket shelves.

Barista Bros’ iconic drinks will no longer be available in supermarkets, takeaway stores and gas stations across the country.

Coca-Cola Australia confirmed that it had ceased production of iced coffee and hot chocolate drinks in May this year.

Coca Cola reported that there are no plans for a “direct replacement” of the drink line, despite the fact that the Barista Bros brand still advertises on the Coca Cola Australia website.

Barista Bros offered a variety of iced coffee and hot chocolate drinks.

The Barista Bros beverage line (pictured) has been discontinued in Australia

Coca Cola Australia told Daily Mail Australia the decision to end the line was “difficult”.

“We are constantly reviewing our product portfolio to ensure we offer more of what people love,” said Coca Cola Australia.

“After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Barista Bros in Australia.

Production of Barista Bros for the Australian market ceased in May 2023.

“The decision allows us to continue to focus on our core portfolio of products and offer even more of what consumers love.

‘Coca-Cola Australia offers a wide range of beverages to cater to different consumer tastes.

“While there will be no direct replacement for Barista Bros at this time, Coca-Cola Australia offers a range of soft drinks, waters, sports drinks, juices, mixers and teas.”

Barista Bros drinks came in four flavors – Espresso, Double Espresso, Mocha and Iced Chocolate – and were available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and ALDI.

The drinks were also available nationwide from independent retailers, in vending machines and gas stations, making it a popular drink among artisans in need of their daily caffeine boost.

In May, Food Standards Australia issued a recall for all Barista Bros drinks with an expiration date of September 2023.

The recall was sparked by a possible contamination risk caused by a packaging error.

“Food products that have spoiled can cause illness if consumed,” said Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

All four flavors of the drinks were included in the recall.