Baby name trends for 2024 revealed: Parents ditch cute monikers in favour of ‘old-fashioned’ choices

Choosing the perfect name for your child is one of the most exciting aspects of preparing for parenthood.

But there’s more pressure than ever to choose a name that stands out from the crowd – with parents opting for unique and unconventional names for their newborn children in recent years.

But according to NameberryParents welcoming new additions in 2024 will take a more mature approach to naming their children, ditching ‘cute’ names in favor of ‘mature’ and sophisticated names.

The experts say parents are becoming increasingly aware of how their children’s names will be perceived as they grow up and enter adulthood – a mindset that may be influenced by a 2023 social media trend that tells parents: ‘ You’re calling an adult, not a baby.’

The sentiment indirectly criticizes parents who choose “babyish” names for their children.

Baby name trends for 2024 will emphasize gender, values ​​and racial diversity – with many parents choosing to ditch ‘cute’ names and opt for ‘adult’ names instead

Growing up with the Internet, first-time parents are aware of the power of a name to create a brand, one that defines their children and themselves.

Although childish and unconventional names are here to stay, there is ultimately an undeniable shift towards more ‘adult’ names for babies.

Nameberry revealed some classic names assigned to baby boys in 2024, including Arthur, Clyde, Roland and Stanley, and Georgina, Agnes, Lois and Sylvia for girls.

Another trend for 2024 is assigning ‘feminine’ names to baby girls, following the global influence of last year’s record-breaking Barbie movie.

The film sparked international conversations about gender and feminism – making feminism feminine and femininity feminist – and has prompted parents to name daughters amplifying names like Honey, Lavender, Dahlia, Pippa and Clover.

Meanwhile, baby boys are allocated more “gender neutral” names, with parents claiming mostly feminine unisex names for their sons, as with Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son, Riot Rose.

Some of the most popular unisex names given to sons to date include: Lotus, Juno, Eden, Noa, Lark, Morgan, Rue and Raven.

There has also been an increase in parents choosing ‘atmospheric’ names for their babies this year, influenced by the children’s names of Kylie Jenner, Stormi and Aire, leading many to consider short, snappy and ‘sky-like’ names.

Parents are becoming conscious of naming not only babies, but also the adults they will become, after the popular refrain emerged on social media in 2023: 'You name an adult, not a baby'

Parents are becoming conscious of naming not only babies, but also the adults they will become, after the popular refrain emerged on social media in 2023: ‘You name an adult, not a baby’

Intentionally transient names like Lumi, Storm and Zephyr, which represent the fleeting nature of falling snow or a gust of wind, are becoming increasingly popular, while Aura, Ice, Sunny and Sky are increasingly being assigned to babies.

The names of music icons assigned to newborns have also increased in popularity this year, including: Elvis, Iggy, Morrison, Priscilla, Zeppelin, Lennon and Ozzy.

Nameberry creator Pamela Redmond said: ‘Today’s parents are fixated on sending the right messages with the name they choose. The perfect baby name for 2024 is one that is ahead of the style curve, personally meaningful and identity-defining.”

Meanwhile, a naming expert who earns as much as $500 each to name strangers’ babies has revealed which names will be popular in the coming years.

Steph Coffield, 40, from Minnesota, is hired by expecting parents to help them choose the perfect name for their child. cost anywhere from $25 for five name suggestions to $500 for an “interactive experience.”