Awkward moment Sydney driver becomes stuck in Cross City Tunnel

A motorist has filmed the embarrassing moment a motorist got stuck in one of Sydney’s busiest tunnels.

The incident took place in the Cross City Tunnel last weekend.

The driver realized he was driving the wrong way and tried to turn his vintage American pickup truck around.

A passing driver captured the embarrassing moment when the metallic brown vehicle became stuck between the walls of the tunnel.

Two men could be seen directing the stuck driver, who eventually had to reverse out of the tunnel

The images show the driver turning the steering wheel and moving slightly forward.

He then turns the wheel again before trying to reverse to avoid damage to his car.

The steering wheel was on the left side of the vehicle, which could explain its misdirection.

Two men, one at the rear of the car and one at the front, tried in vain to help with directions for the tricky maneuver.

Many social media users were left in disbelief.

One social media user made an ironic comment, saying that this was typical behavior of owners of such cars.

“Tradies cashed in… buying American muscle and still not being able to drive,” they wrote.

A second added: ‘What the hell is this?’

“Some people don’t deserve classic cars,” said another.

Others said it reminded them of the ’90s comedy film Austin Powers, where the main character also got stuck in a tunnel.

One said: ‘Austin Powers it.’

In what was the final humiliating blow, the person who filmed the incident said the driver ended up having to reverse out of the tunnel.