These seven Australian tourist attractions have been named the most boring in the WORLD: ‘Don’t bother’

Australia has seven of the ‘boring’ tourist attractions in the world – and a landmark building in Washington has been dubbed the ‘worst’ of them all.

The hard list was created by based on an analysis of 66.7 million Google reviews looking at 3,290 tourist attractions in 71 countries.

It marked the WA Museum Boola Bardip as the least interesting place to visit in Australia – and the 16th least interesting tourist destination in the world.

According to the majority of Google reviews, the museum simply has ‘no soul’.

While this is not a good look for the museum, they are not alone on the list: museums make up a whopping 33 percent of the ‘boring’ locations.

The ‘worst’ was the Museum of Science and Industry in Florida, which ranked seventh worldwide.

The most ‘boring’ attraction on the list is the Branson Scenic Railway in Missouri.

The Bolla Bardip Museum in Western Australia was voted Australia’s most boring tourist destination

WA Museum Boola Bardip

Described as the state’s ‘premier cultural organisation’, the museum features WA’s ‘scientific and cultural collection’, including interactive exhibitions and state-of-the-art technology.

‘Very disappointed with the exhibition To The Moon. We went yesterday with our 12 year old grandson and found the experience very boring and quite disorganised. For what was there, it should have been a free event, definitely not worth the money,” one upset grandparent wrote about the museum.

‘Well, that was a disappointment. The museum was my favorite for so long and I was so excited about the improved museum. What a waste of millions of dollars that was,” said another.

Most negative reviews referred to the old museum – which was ‘filled with artefacts’ – rather than ‘bland cardboard displays’.


Legoland Discovery Center was the next Australian destination on the damning list, at number 24, with four of the franchise locations making the list.

Legoland in Melbourne was also on the list, alongside three other Legoland centres

Legoland in Melbourne was also on the list, alongside three other Legoland centres

‘Extremely disappointing. Place was dirty, two rides very weak, Lego City was average. Honestly, they charge way too much for an indoor playground,” one person wrote.

Another said they were disappointed with the food and customer service when they went to the Melbourne-based restaurant.

The Museum of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney came in at number 32, with people complaining it was ‘too cramped’.

“Thank you for hindering us to the point where we couldn’t even walk. Even though we had reserved a time, we stood in two queues for about 20 minutes,” said one woman.

‘I have never been so disappointed in a museum in my life. Most of it about the building of the Opera House, very little actual history,” wrote another.

The Museum of Sydney was number 32 on the list

The Museum of Sydney was number 32 on the list

Immigration Museum

This Victorian tourist spot came in at number 52 on the list; it focuses on telling the stories of Victoria’s immigration history through thought-provoking exhibitions.

‘Become a museum member and all three places are disappointing. The Immigration Museum is the most dissatisfied of all. The ship has been removed to make room for events, there is no cafe or food,” said a disgruntled visitor.


Mona in Tasmania came in at number 76, with over 11,000 reviews and an average score of 4.4 on Google.

The quirky underground museum, which stands for the Museum of Old and New Art, is one of the ‘must-sees’ in Hobart and is known for its unusual and often confrontational exhibitions.

But it’s clearly not for everyone.

‘It gives a very strange dark feeling. There is a lot of art that is sexual, even a wall with a video of three naked women standing. And a wall full of female genitalia. It seems very anti-God,” one woman wrote.

People complained about Mona, and many thought the exhibits were too rude

People complained about Mona, and many thought the exhibits were too rude

‘That’s not my idea of ​​art. The building was amazing, the furniture around the bar was beautiful. If you wanted to offend someone, you achieved your goal, very distasteful. I would have hated having a child with me. Totally inappropriate. The noisy tunnel we had to go through was horrible. Even with my fingers over my ears my eardrums hurt. What the hell that has to do with art, I have no idea,” wrote another.

But others rated it highly.

‘Maybe also the largest museum I’ve ever been to. Spent four hours there in total. We went with friends and after discussion we each seemed to have missed several parts. Very interesting concept and collection. The tunnels that connect different parts are also very cool,’ said a visitor.

Luna Park

Luna Park Melbourne wasn’t far behind at number 80, with many describing the theme park as ‘too expensive’.

‘The train ride only ran once every half hour. Running so slow!!! Line was almost 2 hours. Too expensive. Poorly managed. “The management of the rides is too slow for a cloudy day with as few people as possible,” said one visitor.

Luna Park in Melbourne left guests with a bad taste in their mouths

Luna Park in Melbourne left guests with a bad taste in their mouths

‘I wouldn’t go there again, there was a time it was free to get in, now you have to pay $20 and get a free ride, the place is too small for the amount of rides you can get more than Having to wait an hour in line for some rides is nothing like it used to be when I was younger and a teenager.’

The Clock Tower

The Bell Tower in Perth came in at number 92 and one guest complained that it rings too often and is too loud.

‘My aunt and I would have happily paid the entrance fee and gone up, but the staff were more interested in their conversation. Very disappointing,” one person said.