Aussie couple left shocked by neighbours note about their crying baby

A Western Australian mother has shared her neighbors’ incredible reaction to her baby’s cries.

Amy Marks shared a photo of the note her neighbors left on her front door next to a bundle of baby supplies on Wednesday.

“Hey, we’re your neighbors from behind you,” the note read.

‘We’ve heard your little girl crying a few times and thought we’d drop off some nappies and wipes as we know how hard the first few days are!

“We hope this brightens your day.”

She captioned the photo: “Our neighbors left this note at our front door along with some diapers and wipes.

“Thank you for your kindness and your patience with the sound of a newborn crying.”

Thousands of Aussies applauded their neighbors and called on more people to show compassion for new parents.

A West Australian mother’s neighbors left her a kind note (above) and baby items after hearing her newborn crying

“More people should be neighbors like that,” one person commented.

“Gifts and understanding, what more could you want?” said another.

‘What great neighbors to have. That brought tears to my eyes,” wrote a third.

Other mothers shared their own experiences with thoughtful neighbors.

One wrote: ’50 years ago my baby daughter was born in a small town in Central Queensland. I also had a 21-month-old son, still in diapers, to care for and no family or friends around.

‘I had a fairly good supply of cloth nappies and I was coping quite well, but we had an extended period of wet weather and I really struggled to get the nappies dry.

‘Suddenly a neighbor from across the street showed up at my door with a pile of dry, folded diapers. Her five children were all well past the diaper stage, but she still had them put away. What an angel.

‘I had never been so grateful in my life and never since. I have forgotten her name, but I still remember her with pure gratitude.”

Another said, “I had a sweet neighbor who came to hold and cuddle my twins while we talked, and it helped me get a few things done.”