Aussie bloke grabs shark by the tail before throwing it into SUV at Maroochydore, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Extraordinary footage of a man casually carrying a meter-long shark by the tail before tossing it into the trunk of his ute has divided viewers.

The footage, filmed on Thursday overlooking the Maroochy River on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, showed a barefoot man wearing shorts and a T-shirt wandering down the street with what appeared to be a bull shark.

He attempted to hoist the shark off his ute, but the animal hit the tailgate and fell to the ground.

Video has emerged of a man carrying a shark by its tail to his vehicle on Queensland’s Sunshne Coast

The man then picked up the shark and threw it in the back of his vehicle.

Onlookers seen in the footage watched in fascination as others filmed the incident.

You hear a female audience member laughing.

“Catch the shark and meals are arranged for the entire week,” the video captioned.

Whether the shark was still alive and how the man caught it remains unclear.

There also appeared to be a fishing rod in the back of the vehicle.

The video was flooded with more than 100 comments on TikTok.

One viewer joked that the man just grabbed him.

“Yes, you just stick your hand in the water and pull one out,” they said.

Other viewers were shocked by the way the man roughly treated the shark.

“People don’t understand we need sharks, this is cruel,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Nice tender on the tailgate.”

A third wrote: ‘Baby shark. It must be illegal.’

However, others disagreed that it was a baby and thought it was probably legal.

“It’s just a bull shark, don’t worry, there are loads of them,” one commenter wrote.

“I don’t know why you’d keep him even though they’re fucking eating.”

The man's first attempt to hoist him onto the back of his SUV was unsuccessful, but he succeeded the second time

The man’s first attempt to hoist him onto the back of his SUV was unsuccessful, but he succeeded the second time

In Queensland, bull sharks may be taken if they are less than 150cm in length.

Some viewers wondered why the fish wasn’t bled, which produces more flavorful fillets.

“People are so stupid that I guarantee they won’t eat any of it because they haven’t bled it and it will end up in the trash. I hate people,” wrote one disgusted TikToker.

Another added: ‘Eating well, bleeding is a good idea, but you could freeze the fillets and that should fix the ammonia.’

Sharks are known to convert toxic ammonia into useful body fluids.