Astonishing moment woman gives birth on a plane: Stunned passengers look on as medics aid to rush mother-to-be…before emerging with tiny newborn

  • Footage from an aircraft shows paramedics walking through a plane with a baby on board

This is the moment stunned airline passengers watched in awe after emergency services helped a woman give birth in mid-air.

Footage from the plane, filmed earlier this month, shows several paramedics walking briskly through the plane with the mother’s bundle of joy in their hands as passengers clap and cheer, while the sound of air rushing past the plane can be heard in the background. plane can be heard flying.

Passengers can be seen craning their necks to look at where the mother and paramedics are, at the back of the plane, chatting excitedly.

It shows a passenger gathering small items of clothing and heading to the area where the mother gave birth, while a flight attendant walks away from the crowded area.

The baby appears wrapped in blue cloth as he is carried from the back to the front of the plane.

It doesn’t seem to make any sound.


A paramedic is seen carrying the newborn baby to the front of the plane



Passengers were seen looking back as medics (right) arrived on the plane

It is currently unknown where the plane was flying, but the language on the back of the medics’ uniforms is Turkish.

Air births are incredibly rare. Medical support company MedAire reports that these occur in about one in 26 million passengers.

Dr. Paulo Alves, the company’s global medical director, said Conde Naste: ‘Delivery in flight is very, very rare, and if you look at the cases, they were unexpected: these were premature babies.

He added that air birth comes with its own challenges.

“It’s not the best place to have your child for many reasons. First, the air is thinner, making it harder for the baby to breathe. It’s like having a premature child in Mexico City, height-wise.”

Furthermore, the likelihood of specialists being present to assist with delivery is extremely low, meaning complicated procedures such as caesarean sections are virtually impossible to perform, even if they are necessary for the safety of the mother and baby. Baby.



Doctors were seen entering the plane amid cheers from the passengers