Ashley Paul Griffith: Next step in court for Australia’s worst alleged pedophile

  • Ashley Paul Griffith sought new legal representation
  • He was charged with more than 1,600 violations

A childcare worker has sought new legal help as he faces thousands of child abuse charges, including multiple counts of rape.

Ashley Paul Griffith was charged with thousands of child abuse-related crimes following a lengthy investigation into his alleged activities at child care centers across the country.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court was told on Monday that Mr Griffith’s original legal team had sought permission to withdraw from the case.

Calvin Gnech, Mr Griffith’s new lawyer, said he had to review a “substantial amount of material” in the evidence letter.

Former childcare worker Ashley Paul Griffith is facing more than 1,600 charges

Mr Gnech told the court that an award of legal aid was pending.

β€œI’m not sure this will be the end of the matter regarding our involvement,” he said.

Mr Griffith is facing more than 1,600 charges, including rape, indecent treatment of children and making and possessing child exploitation material.

During Monday’s brief speech, Attorney General Steven Dickson said he was still working on a statement of facts before the end of the year.

The court was told that problems with pre-arranged Christmas leave meant Mr Griffith’s case would have to be postponed for a long time.

Magistrate Anthony Gett adjourned the case until January 29 next year.

Mr Griffith has been in custody since August last year, when he was first charged with two counts of producing child exploitation material and one count of using a carriage service for child pornographic material.

Police allege that more child abuse material was found on Mr Griffith’s devices a year later.

It is alleged Mr Griffith recorded his abuse of children – all pre-pubescent girls – on phones and cameras while he worked in ten childcare centers in Brisbane between 2007 and 2013 and between 2018 and 2022.

Other alleged crimes took place at a location in Europe between 2013 and 2014 and at a center in Sydney between 2014 and 2017.

Mr Griffith has worked in other childcare centers but is not alleged to have committed any offenses there.

Police allege that videos and photos produced by Griffith were first spotted by investigators on a dark web platform in 2014.

AFP Deputy Commissioner Justine Gough said federal police were confident all children allegedly registered had been identified

AFP Deputy Commissioner Justine Gough said federal police were confident all children allegedly registered had been identified

They were not traced to a Brisbane children’s center until August 2022.

In a statement, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said it is confident that all 87 Australian children allegedly registered have been identified and their parents have been informed.

Some are now over 18.

β€œThis is a disturbing time for families, carers and the community at large,” AFP Deputy Commissioner Justine Gough said when the charges were laid in August.

In a now-deleted staff profile at one of the centers where he worked, Griffith said he was “a big believer in learning through play.”

β€œI love engaging children in meaningful experiences that inspire them to play and learn,” he said.

‘Young children are natural explorers; they explore the world through their senses, search for answers and build theories.

β€œAs an early childhood teacher, I hope to share this journey, teaching children side by side and inspiring them.”