Apple bows to developer complaints, will allow web apps in the EU… with a catch

Apple is walking back some of its restrictive response to EU regulations that have forced the company to make changes to the iPhone and iOS. When the EU said Apple should allow third-party web browsers on the iPhone, the company responded by shutting down web apps for the EU. After developers and some users complained, the company changed its policy and will once again allow EU users to save a website as an app to their home screen.

Web apps hark back to the original days of the iPhone, when there was no App Store. Instead, you could pin a web page to your home screen and it worked just like an app. The feature is designed to allow web apps to store data and send push notifications to the user. Macrumoren has a good explanation of how web apps work and why they are an advantage. A web app is much smaller than an app that you download from the App Store, for example.