Angel Reese BLASTS Caitlin Clark, Indiana Fever after victory over the Chicago Sky: ‘I guess some people got a special whistle’

Angel Reese criticized Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever after they defeated the Chicago Sky on Sunday, stating that she and her team are getting special treatment because of Clark’s star power.

It was Reese who made a blatant one-foul after missing a block and following the move and hitting Clark in the head with her arm, sending her sprawling to the court in pain.

Reese was not ejected from the game for the foul, as it was deemed excessive, but not unnecessary, as she waved her arm as a result of a normal basketball motion.

Clark and Reese’s careers have intertwined alongside the rising popularity of women’s basketball, with Clark getting more credit for the new interest than Reese.

That led to the Sky-Fever game on Sunday, their second meeting in professional basketball. Indiana won both matchups.

Angel Reese said Caitlin Clark and the Fever got a “special whistle” during Sunday’s game

Reese committed a flagrant foul on Clark during the game, but was not ejected

Reese committed a flagrant foul on Clark during the game, but was not ejected

“I think we played really hard,” Reese said. “I think a lot of times we’ve been up really high and we haven’t gotten a lot of calls.”

“And looking back on the film, I saw a lot of calls that weren’t made,” Reese continued. “I guess some people have a special whistle.”

Like any other professional sports competition, taking down the referee would result in a fine for Reese.

Her comments sidestep a true insult, while at the same time making fun of Clark and her team.

It was Clark’s team from Iowa that lost to Reese’s LSU team in the NCAA Championship game last year.

The Hawkeyes got revenge in this year’s Elite Eight, knocking the Tigers out of the tournament.

Reese and Clark won’t have to wait long before they meet again, as the third Fever-Sky match of the season takes place this Sunday.

Their final clash of the regular season is on August 30.