American Airlines to buy 260 new planes from Boeing, Airbus and Embraer to meet growing demand

DALLAS– DALLAS (AP) — American Airlines announced a massive new plane order Monday, splitting 260 new planes between Boeing, Airbus and Embraer, in an effort to meet growing travel demand and boost the airline’s supply of premium seats. airline to increase.

American said it has placed options on an additional 193 aircraft in the coming years.

The airline and aircraft manufacturers did not disclose the financial terms of the orders.

The order package includes 85 Boeing 737 Max 10s – a larger version of the Max that has not yet been certified by US regulators. The plane has been years behind schedule, and United Airlines — which has 100 on order — is planning as if it will never receive the planes, the CEO said.

Boeing has been under intense scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration to fix problems in its production system, especially since a panel blew an Alaska Airlines Max 9 mid-flight in January.

However, American gave the American aircraft manufacturer a vote of confidence and even converted an earlier order of 30 Max 8s to the larger Max 10s.

It also ordered 85 A321neo aircraft from Airbus, Boeing’s European rival. The A321 and Max 10 are approximately the same size.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline also ordered 90 smaller E175 aircraft from Brazil’s Embraer.

The planes are all single-aisle, so-called narrow-body aircraft that American will use for flights within the United States and to nearby international destinations. In a presentation to analysts Monday, American called its short-haul network “the foundation of value for customers and investors.”

US CEO Robert Isom said the airline has invested heavily over the past decade – more than 600 aircraft, including those used by its regional affiliates – to modernize its fleet, which is already the largest among US airlines and simplify.

“These orders will continue to supply our fleet with newer, more efficient aircraft so we can continue to deliver the best network and record-breaking operational reliability for our customers,” Isom said in a statement.

The announcement means American now has orders for 440 aircraft, some of which won’t be delivered until the next decade.

American made the announcement, which was widely expected, a few hours before an investor day meeting with Wall Street analysts in New York.