Amazon’s Fallout TV show features “the one thing we could never do,” says Bethesda boss Todd Howard

Bethesda boss Todd Howard has opened up about the one major difference between the iconic Fallout video game series and its Prime Video TV adaptation.

Speaking exclusively to Ny Breaking, Howard revealed he was interested in Amazon’s live-action version Fallout to discover what the world was like before the events of the popular post-apocalyptic first-person shooter (FPS) games.

The franchise is set on a dystopian Earth, in an alternate timeline, hundreds of years after the Great War. The cataclysmic event, which occurred on October 23, 2077, left the US and China embroiled in all-out thermonuclear war, resulting in the deaths of billions of people and the end of civilization as we know it. While every game in Bethesda’s beloved series explores the in-universe consequences of the Sino-American War, none of them have explicitly shown these events to players in the 27 years since the franchise began.

Lucy, perhaps the Fallout The main character of the TV show emerges from Vault 33 to a deserted, seemingly uninhabitable world. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Howard, who has overseen the development of every game since 2008 Fallout 3says Amazon Fallout The TV show is incredibly faithful to almost every aspect of the franchise that Bethesda created. However, he admits that the decision to depict The Great War in the TV adaptation – a stunning yet gripping sequence set in the first seven minutes of episode one – was a necessity to immerse audiences old and new in the story it tells.