Amazon Alexa’s next-gen upgrade could turn the assistant into a generative AI chatbot

Earlier this year, rumors began circulating claiming that Amazon was improving Alexa by giving it new generative AI features. We haven’t heard much about it since then until recently CNBC spoke to people familiar with the project’s development. The new report provided insight into what the company wants to do with the upgraded Alexa, how much it will cost and why Amazon is doing this.

CNBC’s sources remained tight-lipped. They didn’t reveal exactly what the AI ​​can do, but they did mention the tech giant’s goals. Amazon wants its developers to create something “that will hold up amid the new AI competition,” referring to ChatGPT, for example. Company CEO Andy Jazzy was reportedly “disappointed” with modern Alexa and he’s not the only one who wants the assistant to do more. Reportedly, the development team seems concerned that the model is currently just an “expensive alarm clock.”