All cabbage whites big and small – oh lord, gardeners hate them all | Short letters

For the sake of accuracy, I can confirm that we gardeners do not distinguish between the large white and the small white butterflies, nor do we call them “cabbage whites” (Letters, June 23). We call them “bloody cabbage whites”. And it’s neither the butterfly nor the larva that eats our cabbages – it’s the bloody caterpillars, especially that little green feather that hides along the central rib. We hate him!
David Cordingley

In your article (Microplastic discovery in penises raises questions about erectile dysfunction, June 19) a doctor was quoted as saying, “During an erection, one-fifth of the blood volume in the entire body is pumped to the penis.” Was he really suggesting that two liters of blood would go to the penis? Is blood compressible? Where does this man buy his pants?
Dennis Compton

I’m glad you’re introducing a new game Where’s Willy with your bird’s-eye view photo of the Naked Bike Ride in Guadalajara, Mexico (Photos of the day, June 23).
Alan Paterson

In photos of my baptism, the priest holds me as a baby by the side of the font. But they were taken after the service; my godmother aunts would have destroyed the cameras of anyone filming the service itself. A church wedding is a holy sacrament and must be respected as such (Marriage Wars! How Photographers Took Over – and Pastors Fought Back, June 18).
Elizabeth Elliott
Sprotbrough, South Yorkshire

It is difficult to understand the damage the Tory Party has done to itself during this election campaign. Unless the influential Tories have bet big on a mass eradication of their party – then it would all make sense.
Mike Cashman
Milton Keynes

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