Alchemy Brewing Co closes its doors: Melbourne-based brewery shuts up shop

A popular brewery has announced it will close its doors for good in the latest in a series of craft brewers to enter voluntary administration.

Alchemy Brewing Co announced on Monday that it would close its Lygon Street store in Melbourne’s East Brunswick on Friday.

β€œIt is with a heavy heart that I announce that Alchemy Brewing will close at the end of this month,” owner Pim Muter wrote in an Instagram post.

β€œI’m incredibly proud of the site I’ve built, but we’ve had a rough ride and it’s time to call it a day. We will have a big farewell party on June 29. Feel free to drop by for a last beer or two.’

The brewery first opened five years ago in December 2019 – just months before Melbourne went into one of six Covid lockdowns.

Alchemy Brewing Co announced on Monday it would close its Melbourne store for good on Friday (stock image)

Alchemy Brewing Co sold takeaway cans of beer to locals to stay afloat during the pandemic, as well as grants from the Victorian Government.

Mr Muter told Beat in 2022 that he was optimistic the site would recover.

β€œI have high hopes for the upcoming summer season, Melbourne has had a tough few years and I think this is the first real summer since Covid hit. β€œIt’s certainly Alchemy Brewing’s first summer without heavy restrictions,” he said.

The location had a tap room, microbrewery, bar and restaurant.

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