Alabama freshman Ty Simpson DROPS the ball as he goes to celebrate a 79-yard run through to the end zone… forcing officials to overturn his touchdown in win vs UT Chattanooga

  • Simpson fumbled a week after Washington had a similar mishap against Utah
  • But Alabama was able to maintain possession and cruise to a 62-10 victory
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Alabama’s freshman quarterback Ty Simpson had already celebrated a 79-yard touchdown when the officials took a closer look and discovered he dropped the ball before reaching the end zone.

Unfortunately for Simpson, what he and the rest of the Crimson Tide thought was a touchdown against UT Chattanooga on Saturday was therefore ruled a fumble.

Alabama had a commanding 52-10 lead over Chattanooga when Nick Saban decided to take the freshman from Martin, Tennessee for a few minutes in the fourth quarter.

Simpson appeared to pass on a third-and-9 at Alabama’s 21 when he saw the opening on a broken play. He remained untouched and surrounded by blockers on the left wing as he sprinted toward the end zone with ball in hand.

However, footage showed that the ball drop and Simpson’s celebration were both premature. The quarterback’s left foot was just outside the end zone when he released the ball toward the plane.

Simpson celebrated far too early after completing a 79-yard run

Alabama quarterback Ty Simpson dropped the ball before reaching the end zone Saturday

Simpson's 79-yard touchdown against Chattanooga was therefore overturned as a fumble

Simpson’s 79-yard touchdown against Chattanooga was overturned as a fumble

After the touchdown was overturned, Alabama was able to keep the pigskin and restart from the one-yard line. Running back Richard Young then scored as the Tide took advantage of the second chance.

Alabama finished the game with a 62-10 victory.

Simpson’s fumble came a week after a similar mishap involving Washington Linebacker Alphonzo Tuputala.

In the third quarter of a close game against Utah, Tuputala intercepted a pass for a pick-six, ran across half the field and dropped the ball much before Simpson.

Despite losing possession, Washington walked away with a 35-28 victory.

Alabama is 10-1 this season and has won their last nine games. They conclude their regular season with highly anticipated games against Auburn on December 25 and defending champion Georgia on December 2.