After ChatGPT Apple teases surprising plans to add Google Gemini support to Siri 2.0

In a surprising twist to the usual rivalry between Apple and Android, it has been announced that Siri will soon be able to ask Google Gemini for help when it needs help.

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced its new approach to artificial intelligence – or Apple Intelligence as the company wants AI to now be known – and Siri got a number of improvements, like the ability to generate custom emojis, summarize long emails and help you edit photos.

So pretty standard stuff. An interesting extra detail, however, is that Siri can pass your questions to another chatbot if it thinks that service could do a better job.

(Image credit: Future)

Currently, ChatGPT is the only AI that Siri will focus on; however, during the keynote it was revealed that other AI would be added in the future, and after the showcase, Apple’s Craig Federighi dropped the name Gemini as an AI that Apple would like to integrate, before adding that Apple “is currently has nothing to say but that is our general direction.”