Abbott Elementary’s season 3 finale, Jeopardy! Masters, and more

There’s something new this week for just about every type of TV fan. Comedy-wise you can continue Mulligan season 2 on Netflix, or kick off the summer season with the season 3 finale of Abbott Elementary. If you fancy reality, there are two flavors: The Kardashianswho are on their way to conquer Fashion Week or the closing event Danger! Mastersto see who is the best Jeopardy of them all (I’m kidding, I know you’re reading this right now Danger! champions).

For sweet and juicy (not derogatory) there is To attempt season 4 on Apple TV Plus, as heavier drama comes to a head The sympathizerthe final on Sunday. Want some solid superhero action to get the X Men ’97 hole in your life? My adventures with Superman is here with season 2! Halloween in May? Evilis back!

And those are just the new things! Here are the details on the best new TV premieres and finales this week.

New shows on Netflix

Mulligan part 2

Genre: Animated comedy
Date of publication: May 24 with all episodes
Showrunner/creator: Sam Means and Robert Carlock
Form: Nat Faxon, Sam Richardson, Ayo Edebiri and more

Last season, Mulligan (Nat Faxon) became president after Earth was destroyed by an alien attack. This season, they are still cleaning up the damage both of those events, and the result is – well, an orange grew, that’s something.

New shows on Hulu

The Kardashians season 5

Genre: Rich people reality
Date of publication: May 23 with one episode
Form: The Kardashians

The Kardashians are back, thinking about their free time (or, as some would have you believe, “free time”), and questioning their responsibilities to each other. They also attend Fashion Week and ask each other on camera if they have sex. The Kardashians is back!

Abbott Elementary season 3 finale

Image: ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Genre: Mockumentaire
Date of publication: May 22 at 9pm on ABC; next day on Hulu
Showrunner/creator: Quinta Brunson
Form: Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James and more

Janine’s (Quinta Brunson) time in the district is over. But even with Abbott, there are still some complications. Last season’s finale gave us some Janine/Gregory (Tyler James Williams) action – we’ll have to wait and see what awaits us this season.

Danger! Masters final

danger game board

Photo: Sony Pictures Museum

Genre: Competition show
Date of publication: May 22 on ABC, the next day on Hulu
Showrunner/creator: Ken Jennings

Six highest ranking Danger! candidates came in. Now only one will leave a champion. Wednesday’s big reveal. ((buzz) Who is the 2024 Danger! Masters season 2 winner?)

New programs on Max

The season finale of Sympathizer

1716230930 905 Abbott Elementarys season 3 finale Jeopardy Masters and more


Genre: Spy thriller
Date of publication: May 26
Showrunners: Park Chan-wook and Don McKellar
Form: Hoa Xuande, Robert Downey Jr., Toan Le and more

Now that The Captain (Hoa Xuande) is back where he wants to be – and in a way he doesn’t want to be – The sympathizer his adjustment is coming to an end. What will happen to him and his secret agenda? Tune in to find out (or read that book, I guess).

My Adventures with Superman Season 2

Genre: Superhero cartoon
Date of publication: May 25 with two episodes
Showrunner/creator: Jake Wyatt, Brendan Clougher and Josie Campbell
Form: Jack Quaid, Alice Lee, Ishmel Sahid and more

There are a lot of big cliffhangers to pick up on My adventures with Superman season 2: Clark (Jack Quaid) fought off one invasion and almost died in the process. Lois (Alice Lee) and Superman (Jack Quaid) have declared their love for each other. And a supervillain has taken out another Kryptonian warrior on Earth, vowing to make humanity kneel.

But most importantly, Jimmy Olson (Ishmel Sahid) is now a millionaire! Shout out to this media guy for making this possible.

Thirst with Shay Mitchell

Genre: Food Drink travel show
Date of publication: May 23 with one episode
Host: Shay Mitchell

You know how celebrities love to travel around and make food documentaries around the world? This is that, only this time it’s like that drinks. Hosted by the effervescent Shay Mitchell (from Doll face And Liars fame), Thirst with Shay Mitchell explores the world through drinks from different cultures and uses that as a route to different locations, ingredients, traditions and more.

New shows on Paramount Plus

Bad season 4

Genre: Creepy procedure
Date of publication: May 23 with one episode
Showrunner/creator: Michelle and Robert King
Form: Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi and more

The final season of the Kings’ dastardly supernatural procedural kicks off this week, and you can expect a lot of surprisingly topical tie-ins, creepy things that come across the night, and, according to the trailer, Wallace Shawn! But there’s also a baby on the way (the Antichrist, if Dr. Leland Townsend is to be believed), and it seems like that’s more than he can handle. The baby part, i.e. he’s totally chill with the Antichrist.

Season finale of Elsbeth

Elsbeth sits in the back of a taxi and smiles out the window in a still of Elsbeth

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Genre: Columbo (procedural)
Date of publication: 10pm on CBS, next day on Paramount
Showrunner/creator: Michelle and Robert King
Form: Carrie Preston, Wendell Pierce, Carra Patterson and more

It seems like just yesterday Elsbeth Columbo wormed his way into our hearts and took the Big Apple by storm. Now – as her scrutiny comes to a head as she really begins to find her feet in terms of investigation – she has reached the end of Season 1. But possibly the beginning of…season 2?

New shows on Apple TV Plus

Try season 4

Genre: Comedy about parenthood
Date of publication: May 22nd
Showrunner/creator: Andy Wolton
Form: Esther Smith, Rafe Spall and more

After all these years of trying, To attempt is finally the “life with kids” part – which is to say Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) are enjoying the ups and downs of having kids at home. Their son is not chosen to play sports and their daughter longs to bond with her birth mother. Still, six years after their adoption, this is a family Nikki and Jason always wanted, so they’re ready to roll with the punches.