Aaron Rodgers is away on an ayahuasca retreat, NFL insider hints – after New York Jets QB sparked controversy by missing the start of practice

Aaron Rodgers’ unexcused absence, which forced him to miss the entire New York Jets’ mandatory minicamp this week, was due to an ayahuasca retreat, an NFL insider claims.

Albert Breer provided a lengthy response to Rodgers’ whereabouts, which was out of the New York area rather than at the Jets facility, a decision that will cost him more than $100,000 in fines.

“The best I can answer right now that I have a solid feeling about is that he is somewhere where they can’t apologize and maintain credibility with the rest of the locker room, but would be expected not to be outside.” -left-left party. something for him,” Breer said on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“So you can open your minds, so to speak, as he has been known to sometimes open his mind to all possibilities,” Breer continued.

Rodgers spent the second half of his career marching to the beat of his own drum, and his charisma has dominated the New York Jets since his arrival last year.

Rodgers missed all of the Jets’ mandatory minicamp for an officially unknown reason

Breer has stated that Rodgers is away on an ayahuasca retreat instead of being at Jet's practice

Breer has stated that Rodgers is away on an ayahuasca retreat instead of being at Jet’s practice

It was Rodgers who announced his intention to join the New York Jets on the Green Bay Packers’ “The Pat McAfee Show” before the teams had officially agreed to the terms of the deal.

The four-time NFL MVP has also shared his thoughts on conspiracy theories such as the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine on McAfee’s show.

Four offensive snaps into his first season with the Jets, he tore his Achilles tendon and missed the rest of the season.

In Rodgers’ absence following a Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills, his backup Zach Wilson plummeted the team’s chances for playoff success.

Rodgers has been involved in the team’s offseason workouts in recent weeks and was at the Jets practice facility for a physical on Monday.

Rodger’s first missed practice during mandatory minicamp cost the 40-year-old Rodgers $16,953, with a second absence nearly doubling to $33,908, and a final missed day attracting a $50,855 fine.