Aaron Boone ejected after umpire mistakes fan abuse for the Yankees manager in first inning – and their furious row is caught on hot mic: ‘BULLS***! I didn’t say a f***ing word!’

Aaron Boone was ejected in the first inning of Yankees vs Oakland Athletics when referee Hunter Wendelstedt accidentally abused the crowd by the New York manager.

Boone was furious at the call and protested wildly to the referee, who refused to change his mind.

Television replays clearly showed that Boone said nothing and the commentary came from a fan sitting directly above the Yankees dugout. However, Boone has a long history of angry clashes with referees.

Wendelstedt had just yelled at Boone for a strike call seconds earlier and was heard shouting on the television, “If you have anything left to say, you’re out.”

But when he turned around, he heard something from a fan that he thought was from Boone and shouted back, “Aaron, you’re gone.”

Boone was stunned and pointed back to the stands of Yankee Stadium.

He then ran towards Wendelstedt, clearly stunned, and shouted: ‘I didn’t say a word, it was the crowd! Bulls***! I didn’t say anything, Hunter! I didn’t say a damn word!’

As Boone continued to desperately plead his innocence, Wendelstedt said, “I don’t care who said it, you’re gone.”

YES Network, the broadcaster of Monday afternoon’s game, shared footage of Boone standing in silence for several seconds before Wendelstedt sent him packing.