7 Crucial Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofer

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If you own a large commercial building, like a shopping mall or an office building, you know how problematic a leaking roof can be. Your tenants are on your neck instantly, and then it is your responsibility to find a roofer fast. Count yourself lucky if you have yet to experience a major roof leak or damage. However, these things happen so fast that it is crucial to stay prepared for any eventuality. This may arise following a severe storm, a break-in, or an infrastructure collapse. 

When searching for someone to fix a roof, you must do more than just Google “commercial roofer near me.” You should shortlist qualified commercial roofers to compare quotes and services and, most importantly, ask them the right questions. These include the following:

What is your experience in commercial roofing?

Ask the contractors about their experience with commercial roofing. Some roofing companies do not specialize in a particular area of roofing. Instead, they do a little bit of everything. This is not what you want for an extensive commercial roof repair. The contractor you choose should have substantial experience in commercial roofing and repair.

A good starting point would be to visit the contractor’s website. Go through the gallery to see what projects the contractor has completed. Also, look for reviews and testimonials related to these projects. These are typically a good indicator of the contractor’s skills. 

Are you a licensed commercial roofer?

Under no circumstances should you consider hiring a contractor without the necessary licenses and credentials. In addition to a minimum of five years of experience, the contractor must have a commercial license. They must also be registered or certified for commercial roofing work in your state. Remember that commercial roofing standards differ between states, so you must ask whether your roofer complies with your state’s regulations. 

How are you going to repair the roof?

It is important to ask the contractor what their roofing repair process is. As the customer, you have the right to know what materials the roofer uses for your specific type of roof. Ask about timelines and upfront costs. Most commercial roofers request a deposit, allowing them to purchase the necessary materials. This amount may be up to 50% of the final quotation. Be wary of those asking for full payment upfront, however.  

Do you have insurance coverage and offer warranties?

Accidents happen, and not all roofing jobs get done properly the first time. Choose a contractor with insurance coverage in case things go sideways. The roofer should also offer a warranty should something go wrong when the project is completed. The last thing you want to do is spend double the budget on roof repairs because your contractor delivered substandard workmanship.

Do you belong to an official roofing association?

Organizations or associations help regulate the roofing industry. Commercial roofing contractors who belong to an industry association often have a greater sense of dedication to their work. These organizations are also an excellent place to start looking for a commercial roofer. 

How much is it going to cost to repair the roof?

Getting a quote ahead of time is crucial. Compare quotes to find the price that best suits your budget. However, do not just accept the cheapest quote. Try to find a balance between getting the repair service you need and not paying through your teeth for it. Ask the roofer that you ultimately choose whether there is any room for negotiation on the quote. Also, ensure that you receive the services and repairs you pay for. Ask the contractor to tick off each task on the timeline as they complete them. 

What do you need from me?

In addition to a deposit, the roofer may require you to cut down on your business operations when the repairs commence. So, if you own a mall, you may need to close earlier in the day for the project duration. If you need roof repairs for an office building, you may need to allow your employees to work from home for a few weeks. Ask the roofer what they need you to do before the repair work starts. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Roofer Protects Your Business

The roof of your property protects your investment, and the right commercial roofer helps protect your overall business. So, ask the right questions and ensure the longevity of your investment for many years to come.