7 best artificial intelligence courses to help you grow in your career

According to technology research firm Gartner, the artificial intelligence sector will grow by 21 percent this year. As the industry grows, the demand for AI engineers to build new AI systems will increase significantly.

Amid all this, it is crucial to upskill yourself in AI-related areas to grow your career profile. Invest your time in learning AI things that will unequivocally pay off later. If you’re not sure how to start your learning journey, here are the seven courses you can start with.

7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses

AI for everyone

The ed-tech company DeepLearning.AI offers a decent artificial intelligence course. The course is taught by Dr. Andrew Ng, a global leading voice in artificial intelligence.

The course gives you a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence, what it can do and its benefits. It dispels your misconceptions regarding AI.

Throughout the course, Dr. Andrew Ng explains the complexities of AI in simple and non-technical terms, which will enhance your ability to supervise practitioners and speak intelligently about AI in its current state.

Price: Ranges from $0-$49.99/month

Nanodegree artificial intelligence

The author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Peter Norvig, created this AI course. The course follows the path to Norvig’s textbook and develops a general overview of AI techniques.

The course provides numerous project examples to test your new knowledge from each lesson, including developing a Sudoku solver, an adversarial game-playing agent, a forward planning agent, and part of a speech tagging model. These projects will be a great addition to your portfolio and a testament to your newly acquired AI skills.

Price: 3 months for $1017

Generative AI learning path (Google)

Search engine Google offers a whole range of different AI-related online courses and educational content. Google offers an AI for Everyone course through EdX that takes about 12 hours to complete.

AI is an introductory course that gives you an overview of large language models, generative AI, and the responsible use of AI. Google’s learning path consists of five courses, offered through Google Cloud’s Skills Boost program.

Google recommends one day per course, through various videos, reading materials and quizzes to master AI.

Price: $29/month after one free month

AI Foundations for Everyone (IBM)

IBM offers AI courses at different levels through online learning platforms. AI for Everyone is one such great course available on EdX that can give you a comprehensive AI overview in eight hours of content.

This course is available on Coursera and it is a beginner course, but the modules are a bit more practical and specialized, because you come away with a little more useful knowledge.

Price: $79/month after a 7-day free trial

Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence

This course comes from Harvard and is one of the most popular computer science courses available today. The two-part course available in EdX follows Harvard’s CS50 and CS50AI, and allows students to understand things without prior CS knowledge.

It is very important to learn traditional CS concepts to understand how to create an effective AI system. So if you want a professional certificate, you must complete both courses. However, if you think you have sufficient CS knowledge, you can move on to the second course. This one suits you better and saves you time.

Price: Ranges from $0-$348

Specialization Deep Learning

This is another popular course from Andrew Ng, which takes you deeper into deep learning, an advanced form of neural network.

Deep learning seems like just one part of AI, but it plays a crucial role in the most impressive AI achievements. Designed to give you broad knowledge of recent developments in deep learning, this course from Andrew Ng also provides insightful wisdom on training, building and optimizing machine learning models.

Price: Free: $49.99/month

Specialization in natural language processing

The key features of an intelligent system are analyzing, deciphering and making sense of human language, a feat achieved with Natural Language Processing (NLP). This course aims to provide specialization on the tools and techniques required to develop NLP systems.

The course is nicely put together, well designed and very informative for all students. The course is divided into four model types: Classification, Probabilistic, Sequence and Attention. The model types resulted in significant improvements in NLP and formed the basis for some of the best language models.

Price: Ranges from $0 – $49.99